Planning is your forte, and you feel anxious enough embarking on a kitchen renovation, never mind without having a full itinerary sorted first. The number one item on your list is plug sockets. Whoever fitted out your current kitchen clearly didn't share your love of gadgets! Two measly sockets for the whole room. Obviously, neither has a USB connection, and their uninspiring plastic white fascias do nothing for you.

Pondering over your options, you feel giddy with excitement and a little overwhelmed with choice. You had no idea plug sockets and light switches come in such beautiful finishes and colours. What to choose?

You've decided on double sockets with USB ports. That's a no-brainer. But what colour: black, white, cream, gold, silver, copper or cinnamon. Given it's a kitchen makeover, you're choosing a range that has all the kitchen appliance switches and sockets to match.

Settling on matt black switches and sockets, you feel they best represent your personality. Your love of minimalist and stylish details plus everything black means these can, over time, flow through your whole home, providing a little ribbon of continuity wherever you go.

Next, to settle on some light fittings, an ethereal bubble chandelier above this table is precisely the statement you want to make. Attached to a dimmer switch, of course, so you can control the ambience to suit your mood.

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