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Minimal maximalism: Interior designer Codi Rodrigues shares her tips for nailing the trend

Adding an unexpected twist to a minimal space is interior designer Codi Rodrigues’ speciality. Whether she’s finishing a forest green kitchen with bright orange tiles or colour-drenching a dining room wall in a deep burgundy hue, she’s got a knack for bringing a room to life through details that catch you off guard in the most exciting way.

Image courtesy of @thecodedesignstudio

“I think it’s just about going for it and not letting the fear hold you back. When something catches your eye, go for it!”

Codi Rodrigues, Founder, The Code Design Studio

As the minimal maximalism trend continues to influence interior design, we chatted with Codi to get her top tips, from finding your inspiration to styling small rooms and striking a balance between modern and vintage.

What are your top tips for nailing the maximal minimalism trend? 

My best tip is to find something wild that inspires you and the rest of the space.

Whether that’s a piece of art or a rug, that feature can inspire colour schemes and textures to add a hint of maximalism to your minimal space. It can be something as simple as a tile that sparks your inspiration!

Image courtesy of @thecodedesignstudio

Where would you advise people to start if they want to add character and magic to a space that feels a little lacklustre? 

If you’re completely stuck, I’d suggest looking to designers you like and relate to for inspiration. Once you see the possibilities and how well crazy ideas can work once executed properly, you’re more likely to gain the confidence to go for it on your own.

Image courtesy of @thecodedesignstudio

What key things do you consider when choosing the perfect light feature for a space? 

The most important thing, practically speaking, is ceiling height. For example, we’re currently working on a project with a 4.7m pitched roof, which requires a massive light fitting with a substantial drop and wingspan to fill the ceiling space around it. 

It also depends on your space – for example, a light fitting above a dining or coffee table will depend on the size and shape of the dining or coffee table, and a light for a home with less ceiling height requires something flush-fitting or wall-mounted

Aesthetically, I choose things that literally make me say ‘OOOH’ when I see them.

What are your top tips for decorating and styling a small room in a maximal minimalism style? 

My top tip when styling any room is to add pieces that vary in height for visual interest.

When styling a small room, I always like to go for what we call a ‘jewel box moment’. That typically involves paint colours in rich jewel tones, heavily patterned wallpaper with vintage inspiration, or a combination of wall panelling and both of the above!

Small rooms are often so overlooked, but they have such potential. Following that, I love to go treasure hunting for one-off pieces – I’ll turn to vintage emporiums, markets or even a car boot! It’s all about creating a uniqueness that’s bespoke to you.

How can you strike the perfect balance between vintage and modern pieces?

I’m not sure there’s a way of describing how to strike the perfect balance – I think it’s one of those ‘when you know, you know’ scenarios.

I’m a complete sucker for a mid-century piece of furniture, but I’ll then pair it with a modern chandelier or limewash paint on the walls and ceiling. I think (as with many areas of interior design) it’s instinct rather than something learned.

Image courtesy of @thecodedesignstudio

I love a gallery wall mixture of current photos or art in vintage frames paired with little vintage and modern art pieces with a few random corbels. I think it’s just about going for it and not letting the fear hold you back. When something catches your eye, go for it!

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