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Boost feelings of wellness by immersing yourself in sustainable design with hints from Koto co-founder Zoe Little

Image courtesy of @koto_cabins

After living on the shores of Norway’s fjords, Zoe and Jonathan Little returned to the UK with a deep appreciation for Scandinavian design and culture. Turning to interiors, they co-founded Koto Design with architect Theo Dales to design and produce modular houses, cabins and sculptural small buildings made from locally sourced, sustainable materials.

Beautifully crafted to be as energy neutral as possible, Koto cabins and homes focus on immersing yourself in the moment through open-plan layouts and biophilic living. Their defining characteristic is a timber exterior, used instead of cement siding for its lower carbon footprint. 

Focussing on clean, simple interior design schemes inspired by Japanese minimalism, Zoe, Jonathan, and Theo carry their passion for nature throughout every space they curate. Here, we chat with Zoe about how to blur the lines between outdoors and indoors within our homes whilst utilising sustainable design concepts.

What are your top tips for incorporating eco-friendly and sustainable design elements into a home?

Where possible, use natural materials such as wood, stone, wool and linen to help reduce the environmental impact of your home décor. Purchasing hand-crafted pieces ensures your interior items have been made sustainably, whilst investing in timeless furnishings limits the possibility of wastage.

What are some ways to make a small room cosy without feeling cluttered?

Embrace a minimalist lifestyle – donate unnecessary items to charity and focus on the essentials. This will create more space, making it easy to keep the room organised and uncluttered.

Layer in organic textiles such as blankets, scatter cushions, and rugs to add comfort without overstuffing the room. Introduce lamps with a warm glow to create an intimate ambience.

What are the best ways to bring touches of nature into your home?

It sounds obvious – but bring in some plants! House plants can do wonders for your home. They add a touch of nature to the décor and freshen up the air quality in your living space. 

Image courtesy of @koto_cabins

How can you enhance the natural light in your home’s interior design?

The best way to make the most of natural light in your home is to use strategic window placement so that you can direct sunlight into the room and control how much light enters. 

Another great way to maximise natural light is by using reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass and chrome finishes, which will bounce light around the room and brighten any dark corners. Lastly, using lighter colours on walls and furniture can also help reflect more light throughout your home.

Image courtesy of @koto_cabins

How can you extend your home’s interior design to outdoor spaces?

Using outdoor spaces as an extension of your home’s interior design is a great way to add functionality to your house. With a few simple touches, you can turn any garden or decking space into a luxurious place that looks and feels like part of the indoor design. From creating ‘rooms’ with furniture and décor to adding greenery for added privacy and beauty, there are many ways to make good use of these exterior areas! 

Weatherproof outdoor furniture and décor will make these ‘rooms’ cosy and inviting. For example, you may choose outdoor corner sofa sets and outdoor lanterns to give the space an appealing atmosphere, perfect for hosting gatherings with family and friends. 

Want to see more from Koto Design? Follow @koto_cabins for dreamy interior inspiration.

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