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5 Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas to Brighten Up Your Space

Resting your head against the headboard, you let your eyes roam the room, settling on the not-too-distant ceiling, suddenly realising how cramped your bedroom feels. Motivated to do something about it, you grab your phone and start searching for small bedroom lighting ideas with the intention of making the space feel more open and inviting.

Looking around, you envision the subtle ways that cosy lighting could be incorporated. Large table lamps will provide a much-needed focal point, while wall lights will help make the room feel larger.

Delve into our small bedroom lighting ideas to breathe new life into one of your home’s most important spaces.

Images courtesy of @huntsmore_design_build, @snookphotograph, @bethannahome, @phemielove

Small bedroom lighting ideas to create a warm and inviting space

Just because a bedroom lacks square footage doesn’t mean it can’t be made to look bright and beautiful. Simply selecting the right lighting can make a small space feel larger and more enticing, which, in turn, will create the relaxing atmosphere you desire.

When space is limited, choosing bedroom lighting that doesn’t take up too much room is a must. There are plenty of options for brightening up your small bedroom without making the space feel cluttered.

1. Add visual interest with a bedside lamp

‘An oversized decorative table lamp on your bedside table will provide an excellent focal point and cast the perfect warm glow for evening relaxation’, says Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, CEO and co-founder of Dowsing & Reynolds.

Choosing a large statement lamp, as opposed to something small and plain, is essential when it comes to curating a small bedroom lighting scheme. ‘Using lots of little lights will only make your space feel smaller, not larger’, Ally adds.

Product pick: With its eye-catching modern design, the raw concrete cylindrical table lamp will add visual interest to any small bedroom.

2. Opt for statement pendant lights

Another excellent way to add visual interest to a small bedroom is by opting for a pair of statement pendant lights hanging at either side of your bed. This is also an ideal space-saving option if you don’t have room for traditional bedside lighting.

If your ceiling is high enough, consider positioning an eye-catching pendant light over the bed where head height isn’t such an issue – this creates a much-needed focal point in your room.

Image courtesy of @renov8teen

Product pick: Simple but beautiful, the elegant small frosted bubble chandelier is a great choice for those who want to curate a relaxing space.

Design tip: If you choose to hang pendant lights on either side of the bed, consider installing them at different heights for a more artful look.

3. Make the most of your wall space

Fitting calming wall lights can help make a small bedroom feel more spacious, free up surface and floor space, and make the area around your bed feel less cluttered.

Think practically when it comes to positioning your wall lights. Placing them symmetrically on either side of the bed will provide you with task lighting that can easily be switched off at the wall when it’s time to settle down for the night.

Product pick: For bedside wall lighting, the gold Ritz wall light is a classic choice. This timeless design will look beautiful in any small bedroom interior.

A gold wall light with a frosted teardrop shaped bulb against a peach wall.

4. Choose warm lighting

Although it’s necessary to have bright task lighting in the bedroom for things like picking out clothes or putting on makeup, warm, calming lighting is equally important.

Warm lighting helps us to unwind at the end of the day by creating a relaxing atmosphere. For this ambient lighting, make sure you choose warm light bulbs with a colour temperature of around 2700 Kelvins (K). Bulbs with a colour temperature of 3000K or higher will be too bright to create the calming atmosphere you seek.

Product pick: Decorative bulbs like the aurora opal LED light bulb are great for your ambient lighting fixtures, but are also beautiful enough to stand on their own.

Design tip: Add stylish dimmer switches to your bedroom lighting fixtures for a seamless transition from day to night.

5. Curate a layered lighting scheme

pag wall lamps installed either side of a bed in a neutral bedroom

Image courtesy of @deborahfitz_interiors_

‘In a small bedroom, place interesting things at different levels around the space so your eyes travel about, making it feel bigger than it is’, says Ally. One simple way to create this visual interest is by adopting a layered lighting scheme.

To do this, make sure to feature a combination of high-level, mid-level, and low-level lighting in your bedroom.

  • High-level lighting: This refers to your ceiling lighting. Consider choosing an eye-catching ceiling light that can act as the focal point in your room.
  • Mid-level lighting: Wall lights are a great example of this type of lighting. Including wall lights as well as ceiling lights in your bedroom will add additional depth and also ensure you have different types of lighting for different times of day.
  • Low-level lighting: Your low-level lighting is your floor lamps and table lamps. These add a final layer of visual intrigue and will help to make the small space feel cosy and warm.

For small bedrooms, you might need to think outside the box when it comes to layering your lighting. Get creative with ways to make your space more inviting, such as layering different heights and sizes of wall-mounted lights.

H2: Show us your small bedroom lighting ideas

We’d love to see how you’ve used these small bedroom lighting ideas in your home. Tag @dowsingandreynolds on Instagram – we can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

Feature image courtesy of @summerhousestyle

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Written by: Ally

Meet Ally, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer here at Dowsing & Reynolds. Ally’s passion for understanding customers and love of home interiors combine to make her one of the most innovative members of the team, constantly striving to push the Dowsing & Reynolds brand to new heights.

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