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Modern Lighting Ideas to Refresh Your Home Décor

Trikonasana black multi-arm light suspended over a wooden dining table in a black and white kitchen

Contemplating ways to refresh your home décor, your eyes wander from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. You’ve been wanting to incorporate modern lighting ideas into your space for quite some time, but haven’t yet found the right fixtures. 

Knowing it’s an effortless way to modernise your interiors without the need for a complete style overhaul, you decide now is the time. You pick up your phone and start browsing for contemporary lighting fixtures that match your aesthetic.

Envisioning each room in your home, you consider what types of modern lighting are needed to create the right atmosphere. For the bedroom, creating a calming ambience is key, while the living room needs to be more of a multi-functional space that adapts and changes throughout the day.

From practical pendant lights to cosy table lamps, there are many modern lighting fixtures available that can transform your outdated interiors into sophisticated sanctuaries.

Delve into our carefully curated selection of modern lighting ideas and discover how to effortlessly elevate your spaces.

Image courtesy of @summerhousestyle

Breathe new life into your interiors with modern lighting

Modern lighting schemes have become increasingly popular over recent years. Not only do they complement almost all home décor styles, but they also make interiors feel fresh and new without requiring you to change any of your other furnishings.

‘A quick way to update a house last decorated in the ’90s is to install modern lighting – instantly breathing new life into tired rooms and making it feel more yours’, says Dowsing & Reynolds co-founder, Ally Dowsing-Reynolds. ‘This is especially true when you have ‘legacy lighting’ left by a previous house owner.’

Any lighting fixtures that feature geometric shapes and sophisticated designs are generally classed as modern. This type of lighting is also identifiable by its ability to seamlessly blend with any style of interior, making it easy to incorporate into your home.

Modern lounge lighting ideas: How to create an inviting multi-functional space

Large Iridescent bubble chandelier on a white ceiling.

Choosing the right lighting can significantly influence the ambience of our living rooms, changing the tone from vibrant and energised during the day to intimate and relaxed in the evening, even when the rest of your décor remains the same.

To incorporate modern lighting into your living room, think about the various ways in which you use this space throughout the day. You should create a living room lighting scheme that is versatile for a seamless transition from day to night, as well as visually attractive to ensure your lounge feels inviting at all times.

Create a dramatic focal point

A medium frosted bubble chandelier in a peach coloured room.

Adding a modern chandelier to your living room is an easy but breathtaking way to give your space a new lease of life. These modern lighting fixtures create a stunning focal point in a range of styles. Whether the rest of your décor leans towards contemporary or classic, introducing a feature piece will have you experiencing the space in a whole new way.

Product pick: Eye-catching without being imposing, the large frosted bubble chandelier is an excellent choice for any living room that needs a modern refresh.

If you prefer to take a more DIY approach, using decorative bulbs to create your own cluster lights is another excellent modern lighting idea. Suspend these bulbs in any arrangement you like to create a one-of-a-kind contemporary chandelier.

Product pick: The globe spiral filament warm glow LED bulb is versatile and would make for a remarkable centrepiece.

Layer your modern lighting fixtures

When refreshing your living room with modern lighting ideas, consider layering different light sources to create a more dynamic space. Layered lighting schemes help to create tiered zones and make it easy to change the atmosphere of the room as the day progresses, enhancing the space’s multi-functionality.

To create a layered lighting scheme that incorporates both practical task lighting and relaxing ambient lighting:

  • Start with a bright overhead ceiling light. This will act as your main source of light during the day when you have practical tasks to complete, such as cleaning or working on your laptop. Choose a ceiling light that is visually interesting to make sure it adds to the room’s overall ambience even when it’s not in use, such as the Trikonasana black multi-arm light.
  • Add ambient wall lighting. This will help to create a calming atmosphere when it’s time to unwind at the end of the day. With a muted glow, ambient lights add extra depth to your space.
  • Finish with well-placed table and floor lamps. To curate the ultimate cosy nook, scatter these light sources around key areas of your living room, such as next to sofas and chairs.

Modern bedroom lighting ideas: Curating a relaxing ambience with contemporary fixtures

Our bedrooms should be the most relaxing room in our homes, and creating this feeling can only be done by choosing the right lighting. If you’re looking to incorporate modern lighting into your bedroom lighting scheme, be sure to choose fixtures that are soothing and more on the refined side, as this will help to prevent overstimulation.

Product pick: The Black Waldorf wall light will seamlessly blend in with any style of bedroom décor and has a simple yet beautiful modern design that puts you right at ease.

Another detail to consider is the warmth of the light bulbs in your bedroom. To get the cosy warm hue that is desirable, be sure to choose bulbs with a colour temperature of around 2700 Kelvins (K). Bulbs with colour temperatures of 3000K or above are too bright and won’t produce the calming ambience you seek.

Modern kitchen lighting ideas: Functional fixtures for a well-lit space

Image courtesy of @studiofourinteriors

Just like our living rooms, our kitchens are multi-functional spaces that require different light sources depending on whether we’re carrying out day-to-day tasks or enjoying a relaxing moment with loved ones.

If you have a kitchen island, modern pendant lights are a classic idea. Both practical and elegant, pendant lights will brightly illuminate the area while simultaneously serving as a beautiful focal point.

Product pick: Instantly modernise your kitchen with the baton tube pendant light. Suspend these sophisticated fixtures in a row over your kitchen island to effortlessly add depth and style.

Designer tip: Add dimmer switches to your kitchen lights to set the mood for intimate dinners.

Show us your modern lighting ideas

We’d love to see how you’ve used these modern lighting ideas to refresh your interiors. Tag @dowsingandreynolds on Instagram – we can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

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