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How to dim LED bulbs: create the perfect ambiance, and do your bit for the planet too, with beautiful dimmer switches.

How to dim LED bulbs

So what’s the deal with dimmer switches?

I’ve written this handy guide on how to dim LED bulbs, because, lets face it, dimmer switches are incredibly handy little gadgets. They let you control your interior lighting, allowing you to adjust the mood from brilliantly bright high-energy to low, ambient and relaxing. The perfect tone for an evening with friends or a romantic tête a tête. For a long time, only the old-school incandescent and halogen bulbs could be dimmed, and these are still a very popular choice. But with the increasing realisation that we all need to do more to look after our planet, trying to reduce our energy consumption is nudging its way to the top of all our to-do lists. And this is where the LED dimmer switch comes into play.

cluster of concealed filament globe bulbs against black background

Ugly duckling to elegant swan

When LED lighting was first introduced it was, how I can I put this delicately, UGLY. Not just to look at, it was the harsh light that it gave off too. Thankfully, this is now a thing of the past! LED light bulbs have completely upped their game in the style stakes and are now just as beautiful as the vintage light bulbs we all went mad for. They’re even becoming something that you genuinely want to have on show, rather than hidden beneath a light shade – the very light shade that you only bought to conceal the monstrosity of the bulb in the first place. Plus the light is so much warmer too – goodbye autopsy room and hello warm and cosy living room.

Trikonasana Arm Ceiling Light

The techy bit

Still not convinced? Then take a look at our fabulous collection of LED filament bulbs. They’re everything you ever wanted in a bulb, even if you didn’t know it until right now. And importantly, they’re all dimmable (using a non-dimmable bulb on a dimmable circuit can be damaging to your electrics – yikes!). It’s worth noting that dimmable bulbs CAN be used on non-dimmable circuits though. And whilst we’re talking compatibility, it’s important to know that not all dimmer switches are compatible with all LED bulbs. Here at D&R, every single one of our LED bulbs are a match for all of our dimmer switches, so if you stick with us, we’ll see you right! There’s just one more piece of the puzzle to fit together…

Large pear squirrel cage filament warm glow LED filament bulb

How many bulbs per dimmer switch?

Our LED compatible dimmers accommodate between 4 and 150W per module – a module being the number of dimmers that your switch has – i.e. one module = one dimmer per switch, two modules = two dimmers per switch, etc. This means that as long as your chosen bulb fits within that range it’s perfectly safe to use. The handy diagram below should help explain that better.

dimmer chart

If in doubt, shout!

If all else fails and you’re finding this mind-numbingly difficult speak to your electrician, I’m sure they’ll be able to assist you in all of your dimming needs. Or give our operations team a call, they’ll be more than happy to talk you through the options.

And finally, the fun bit

So now you’re onboard with not only dimming, but LED dimming, now’s the time to decide the finish of your dimmer switch. Apologies in advance for the head-scratching indecision you may face when you see just how gorgeous every single one of our dimmer switches is. Our range includes sleek, minimalist black and white, to gold and silver, right through to our eclectic smoked gold and tarnished copper. There really is something to tickle all taste buds.

dimmer switches

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