Pattress & Conduit Components

Pattresses and metal conduit junction boxes

Our metal pattresses & conduit junction boxes mean you can create amazing steampunk-style pipe light fittings or, span lighting cables across wide open spaces. Combine single and double metal conduit junction boxes, pattress ceiling roses and 20mm conduit light bulb holders in a fabulous selection of finishes to make something completely unique for your space.

Our pattress and conduit components collection has been exclusively designed to use with 20mm conduit pipe in industrially styled interiors. All are available in a plethora of colours and styles; from industrial raw steel to luxe polished copper and vintage aged brass to minimalist black or white.

Our metal conduit junction boxes make extending lighting to places where you don’t have ceiling lights simple. Play around with conduit pipe to create alternative factory style lighting fixtures and then explore our create your own lighting collection. Here you’ll find fabric lighting cable and vintage filament light bulbs to accentuate your rugged style.