Lighting Components

You can really unleash your creative side when designing your own lights. Not only can you perfectly match your light fittings to your interior but you can achieve something truly unique.

We’re talking lighting that’s designed to be a focus for attention, whether you simply need a length of fabric cable or are making a complete light, we have everything you need right here. We do recommend that you get a qualified electrician to assemble and fit your light for you.

If this is your first go at creating your own lights perhaps start with our article 6 Steps to Creating Your Own Unique Lighting Masterpiece it explains how to start piecing together your own original lighting combinations that will be the envy of anyone who sees them… How to match fabric cable with ceiling roses and lightbulbs with bulb holders…

Want more help with creating your own lights?

Watch this handy video, which explains everything you need. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you more help!