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Admiring your redecorated living room, your attention turns to the eye-catching new light fittings. The colours and finishes have added a new level of sophistication and style to the space, elevating your home lighting scheme. 

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From ceiling roses in a range of metal finishes to beautiful bulb holders, our light-fitting parts are designed to slot seamlessly into any interior.

Illuminate your living space with quality light fittings from Dowsing & Reynolds.  

From functional to focal point: Explore our light fittings range

Light fittings are as much a staple part of your home as any other décor you lovingly choose, not just a background element.

Whether you’re looking to create a striking pendant light feature or simply want to give your old ceiling lights a new lease of life, our beautifully designed light fittings are just what your interiors have been missing.

black ceiling rose group shot on blue backgound
smoked gold c-hook and t-hook ceiling roses on black background

Turn bespoke designs into home décor that makes a statement with Dowsing & Reynolds.

Ceiling roses that leave a lasting impression

Turning heads with an array of exclusive designs, our metal ceiling roses work well in a variety of spaces, however big or small.  

Whatever your individual style, discover a new take on a timeless design:

  • Available with one, two, three, and five outlet points
  • Three-dimensional shape to conceal wires
  • Easy to install for maximum effect
  • Suitable for a wide range of pendant lights and chandeliers
  • Create a cascading effect with a multi-outlet option

Simple and sturdy, it’s all about the metallic finish. Our ceiling roses are perfect for spreading light around the room and provide a beautiful finishing touch to any space when paired with matching metallic light switches.

If you’re looking for something to complement contemporary-inspired chandeliers, try ceiling light fittings in cooler shades of silver and chrome. For a more lived-in look, antique brass and tarnished copper tones will bring a warm glow to classic interiors.

For a bold contrast, black and white ceiling roses can be paired with cluster pendant lights to create a focal point on stairways and landings.

smoked gold 1 point ceiling rose on black background

Alter the ambience with ceiling hooks

Different occasions call for different lighting setups. Whether it’s creating an intimate feel for a quiet night in, a well-lit space for casual gatherings, or adding zones to an open-plan layout, the position of the light can make all the difference. 

Ceiling hooks are the perfect light fittings for focusing the glow of your overhead light exactly where you want it, allowing you to set the mood with a single adjustment.

Consider placing a hook close to a corner, wall, or even above a piece of furniture like a side table or next to a chair. You can drape the pendant cable over the hook so that it hangs higher and doesn’t get in the way. Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, Lighting Expert

Elevate lighting fixtures with metallic bulb holders


Our bulb holders are perfect for accentuating your lighting fixtures, whether it’s a wall light, ceiling pendant, or table lamp. Alternatively, use a bulb holder to draw more attention to the bulb itself by opting for a decorative glass bulb and letting it stand on its own without a lampshade.

Available in a wide range of metallic finishes, these light bulb fittings catch the light beautifully and are great for introducing sophisticated metal flourishes into your interiors. Coordinate them with other metal elements like plug sockets to create a cohesive and high-end look.

Explore feature light fittings, spare parts, and more

Whether you’re looking to create a grand interior design scheme or keep things simple with a few elegant touches, you’ll find everything you need to customise your lighting in our light fittings collection.

Looking for inspiration? Let our helpful design guides inspire your creativity:

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