Floor & Table Lamps

It has been said that you ‘should’ have eight light sources in any given room. This may sound like a lot, but when you start to include floor and table lamps into your space they do quickly add up!

The idea is that you have lots of different types of light, so you can always get the mood of your room just right. Inspiring and energetic during the day, cosy and relaxing in the evening. Sources include your main ceiling light, wall lights and sconces, floor and table lamps as well as candles and fairy lights for an extra magical touch.

So where do you start? Well, sidelights for your tables is an easy place to begin; what style do you like, how much space do you have, do you want to make a statement with your light to create a little focal point, or do you want something more subtle to just light up a dark corner? The best thing is to browse our collection of floor and table lamps and see what catches your eye.

We're firm believers that every room needs a gorgeous floor lamp. They're so incredibly useful for casting ambient light around your space. If you can, go for something you think is a little too large for your room. This will become a focal point and stop your room looking bitty. A variety of scales makes your kitchen, lounge and bedrooms interesting to look at and exciting to be in.

We always recommend having your lights on dimmer switches so you can exactly control the level of lighting to match how you want to feel.

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