Double Socket USB

Fumbling blindly behind the tv, you feel for the double socket USB, attempting to plug your phone in to charge before the battery drains completely. With seconds to spare, the USB wire slots neatly into the socket, and you smile, delighted to have charged your phone with minimal disruption to the rest of the gadgets and gizmos in your living room.

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Double Socket USBs are the perfect go-to for all the gadgets around your home, making it easy to plug in or charge multiple appliances without disrupting your day.

Dowsing & Reynolds’ USB sockets are available in twelve finishes, coordinating perfectly with the light switches and plug sockets in the extensive collection. 

With everything from shaver sockets, pull cord light switches, dimmers and toggles, it’s easier than ever to create a cohesive sanctuary that instils relaxation the moment you enter.

Gold double-socket USBs make an elegant addition to any room. Pair with complementing pendant lights and internal handles for a sophisticated finish.

Enhance your heritage space with Dowsing & Reynolds’ exclusive smoked gold and tarnished copper USB sockets. Each switch plate features a unique patina that adds interest and tactility, giving your eyes a resting spot as they explore your room. 

Making up part of Dowsing & Reynolds’ Café Culture collection, whipped cream double socket USB ports complement neutral spaces beautifully. Pair with matching light switches and plug sockets to create a tranquil, grounding retreat.

Classic white, silver and chrome USB sockets make the perfect addition to pared-back and minimalist spaces. Featuring a neat, flush-fitting, screwless design, they flow beautifully, encouraging you to sit back and relax as your gadgets charge.  

Designed to stand out from the crowd, black USB sockets are striking and impactful, the perfect addition to dark and dramatic spaces. Make a statement by coordinating with black internal handles and black lighting features to create an impressively elegant escape. 

Introducing copper details to your homes instils instant warmth, inviting you to lay back and unwind in your calming haven. Whether you prefer shiny polished copper, or a more matte, brushed finish, there are light switches, plug sockets, handles and lighting to match, finishing your space impeccably.