Raw Steel

Raw Steel

Left untreated raw steel will gradually tarnish and rust beautifully to create an authentically vintage vibe. We have a whole collection of lighting and lighting accessories in this finish that is perfect for introducing raw and unfinished elements into your interiors. A true look of up-cycled factory chic for the modern rustic home.

To create a gorgeously rugged lighting feature, coordinate a raw steel ceiling rose with our matching industrial style light shades. These factory-style enamel shades are fitted with unfinished steel light bulb holders as standard. We love this untreated surface as a robust accent to industrially styled interiors. Think exposed brick walls, polished concrete flooring and monochromatic walls. For a stunning New York loft style suspend black enamel shades in series above a breakfast bar or long dining table. Finish off with some of our gorgeous vintage light bulbs. So chic.

Our raw steel ceiling hook is an essential piece of kit if you're considering a spider chandelier for your interior space. Spider chandeliers are real statement lights that allow you to cast an even light around a room, or help you to focus light in a particular part of a room, for example over a dining table, kitchen island unit, bedroom dressing table or simply into a gloomy corner. To get the spider's 'legs' to drape exactly where you need them, you'll need to fix hooks into the ceiling around the 'body', and here's where our ceiling hook comes into play.

It's not your ordinary raw steel ceiling hook, it's a beautifully crafted ceiling hook with an easy to install collar and plate system. The slick aesthetic means that it becomes a part of the overall design of the light, and not simply just a hook to serve a practical purpose. When your lighting cable is looped around the hook a couple of times it holds in securely in place whilst allowing you to choose the ideal height for your bulbs to be suspended.

If you like the sound of this type of light but are unsure where to start then hop over to our Customise Your Own Ceiling Pendant page where you can create your very own light. Coordinate your Raw Steel Ceiling Hook with a Raw Steel Ceiling Rose and Raw Steel bulb holders.

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