Smoked Gold

Smoked Gold

Smoked gold is a stunning finish that is exclusive to us at Dowsing & Reynolds. So called as it made us think of fire damaged metal with it’s swirling sooty patterns. Finished by hand each of these matt brass items is completely unique and individual. We have a gorgeous range of light bulb holders, ceiling roses, hardware and lighting accessories that have an authentically vintage finish.

Create a stunning lighting feature by coordinating our smoked gold accessories. We love this matt brass effect in a pure white minimalist interior where the swirling navy, grey and teal tones can really stand out. For a more opulent vibe, why not try these smoked treasures against dove grey or rich navy walls. Complete the look with gorgeously tarnished sockets, dimmers and toggle switches.

We don’t do things by halves here at D&R, so when it comes to designing switches we really do like to push the boat out. Something that looks so good but that’s also fantastic at its job is a rare thing, but we promise you that our smoked gold quadruple light dimmer switch is not only an absolute stunner, it works like a dream too.

This dimmer switch is all about subtle pattern, both on the plate and on the knobs. And it’s this combination that makes it such a thing of beauty. The plate has been smoked, giving it a unique finish, meaning that each and every one that leaves our HQ is slightly different. The knobs have knurled edges which not only makes them look incredibly stylish but gives them a textured finish that’s great for grabbing hold of.

Not known for slinking off into the background, this light dimmer switch really likes to show off. And who can blame it? So, let it do its thing and team it with a smokey colour palette. Moody greys, deep blues and black would give this switch the perfect stage for it to perform on.

If this switch has spurred you on to bring more smoked gold into your home, then check out the rest of the smoked gold switches and sockets range. And if you’re not sure what you need, our light switches explained guide is a really useful read.

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