White is a colour that can really make an impact when used over large areas or contrasted in small amounts against a large area of intense and dramatic colour. It takes a brave (and tidy) person to embrace the pure minimalist trend. But if you’re not feeling quite so neat, white can also work really well a stand-alone accent colour.

This collection of hardware, lighting and lighting accessories all works beautifully in any interior, adding texture, shape or simply making a statement. Make fabulous lighting features with our create your own lighting range – where you can mix and match fabric cable, light bulb holders and filament light bulbs to create a stunning aesthetic. For maximum impact embrace anthracite greys, sleek blacks and metallic finishes.

Looking for something chic, neat and stylish to complement your minimalist space? Look no more. Our designer white rocker electrical light switch is just the thing. Featuring a matt white coated steel plate with a choice of black, white, gold or silver rocker switch detail, this switch is a gorgeous alternative to clunky white plastic switches.

We love this light switch in an all white space, for an ultra-slick minimalist look. Saturate your walls in our high pigment Polar Bear Selfie paint, then add these sleek switches. If you want to add a metallic accent, opt for gold or silver rocker detail for instant sophistication.

Designed exclusively here at D&R to add a designer flair to your interiors, without breaking the bank, this electrical light switch can be coordinated with our white switches and sockets range for an instant interior overhaul. Choose from toggles, USB sockets and data ports to uplift your interiors.

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