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Our stunning pear light bulb frosty geometric makes a truly eye-catching light fitting. Larger than a standard bulb it’s a softer, more subtle version of the now ubiquitous vintage filament bulb. Its beautiful matt finish exudes luxury and ensures the light emitted is a gentle, warm light that’s easy on the eye. Accentuate the elegance of this frosted polygon pear light bulb by teaming with our decadent Fool’s Gold bulb holder and some sleek black fabric cable… Twisted if you want something properly classic.

We love this geometric light bulb: not only is it lovely to look at, it’s really clever in its design too. The bulb is actually, in effect, a kind of shade that houses a standard G9 LED bulb. So when your bulb does blow, you don’t need to change your whole lamp. And because it’s an LED bulb it’s fantastically energy efficient. Winner.


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Pear Light Bulb Frosty Geometric Bulb

Our pear light bulb frosty geometric is a lovely feature fitting – not the kind of light bulb you’d hide away under a shade. It’s perfect for making secondary lighting to hang around eye level. The opaque bulb diffuses light casting a warm soft glow rather than dazzling laser beams of light. One on its own makes for a fabulous wall-hanging side light when teamed up with one of our bulb holders and a length of fabric cable. Add a plug if you have a handy socket nearby and perhaps even a hooked ceiling rose on your wall to loop the cable over.

This polygon pear geometric light bulb is perfect for a minimalist interior where you don’t want too much fuss, but do want some interesting features. To make a real statement with this bulb, use it in a cluster with other geometric bulbs from our range. They look particularly good mixed with some clear bulbs too. Beautiful.

What you need to know about our pear light bulb frosty geometric:
  • Material: glass and ceramic
  • E27 fitting
  • Dimensions of glass: 130mm wide x 170mm tall
  • Non-dimmable with supplied LED bulb. Swap for a halogen version to make it dimmable. Max 42w
  • LED bulb supplied – 2.5w LED G9 Bulb rated A++