Light Bulbs

We have a light bulb to suit any taste…

There are many different types of light bulb and the one you can choose can have huge impact not only on the look of your finished light but also on the mood of the room it’s in. To help dispel some of the confusion between watts, brightness, Lumens, colour temperature and degrees Kelvin, as well as LED, CFL, Halogen and incandescent, we’ve put together this quick “Light Bulbs Explained” guide & infographic to help you get the right bulb for every room of your home.

There are different qualities and even ‘colours’ of light ranging from the cold white light of fluorescent bulbs to the very warm light of incandescent light bulbs.

Stylistically, there is a light bulb to suit all tastes and decors. Choose energy efficient Plumen bulbs for an ultra-sleek high-end designer look, vintage light for a more vintage aesthetic and LED bulbs for contemporary spaces.