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You’ll notice the design and build quality of our LED bulbs as soon as you unpack them. They look a cut above; both aesthetically and their finish. Streamlined filaments that look as pretty as their tungsten equivalents.

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Gone are the days of LED bulbs being something ugly that you put up with but did your best to hide away under a lampshade.

An LED bulb you want to see

Our LED bulbs are designed to be seen. So much so you can use these ‘bare bulb’ style simply hung with a length of fabric cable. You can now fit an LED bulb to your light and the likelihood of anyone clocking it’s an energy-saving bulb would be minimal. Some of them can be used with a dimmer switch so you can get the ambience of your room just right.

Also, a thing of the past is the migraine-inducing flickering start-up when you first turn your light on. Remember that? The dreadfully clinical cold white light of the first eco-bulbs is also thankfully gone in favour of a warmer, cleaner quality of light.

Our LED lamps are available in warm glow. Warm glow works fantastically well in most situations. It’s a lovely calm and relaxing light that’s great in a bedroom or lounge.

In summary, reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint without compromising on style is a tough balance to achieve. However, an LED bulb looks elegantly stylish and offers exceptional value for money. LED lamps now rival incandescents in both looks and the quality of light they cast whilst surpassing them on the energy efficiency front. With a quoted lifespan of 20,000 hours and requiring just 4W of energy to run, they really are a no-brainer.

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