LED Filament Bulbs

LED Filament Bulbs: aesthetics, economics and performance combined

Our LED filament bulbs are the perfect choice if you’re someone who’s interested in reducing your carbon footprint but don’t want to compromise your vintage industrial style.

Reducing your carbon footprint without compromising on style is a tough balance to achieve, however, our LED filament bulbs look beautifully stylish and offer exceptional value for money. LED bulbs now rival incandescents in looks and the quality of light they cast whilst surpassing them on the energy efficiency front. With a quoted lifespan of 20,000 hours and requiring just 4W of energy to run, they really are a no-brainer.

Our LED light bulbs have varying light qualities including vintage glow, warm glow and day glow. Choose your look; vintage perfectly mimics traditional Edison style bulbs, warm glow is a brighter, cleaner version of vintage and day glow is whiter and brighter again.

Warm glow seems to work best in older buildings with smaller rooms whereas warm glow works really well with low ceilings in larger spaces. Day glow is perfect for modern renovations of older buildings, especially where space is normally flooded with natural daylight. Think kitchen or open plan living spaces that feature a wall of folding glass doors opening out onto a deck area and you've got the idea.