Vintage Light Bulbs

Use vintage light bulbs for rustic charm

Vintage light bulbs are an absolute delight to behold. The go-to accessory for any modern rustic home… Although, these bulbs are proving popular in cafes and bars too. Beautiful filaments make these industrial bulbs a feature in their own right – choose from the stunning spiral, squirrel cage and quad loop to name a few.

Once you’ve had industrial light bulbs, you’ll never want to go back to standard issue bulbs again. Visually, filament bulbs are gorgeous to look at and make a lovely feature in your room. These rustic bulbs cast a beautiful, warm pool of light that’s easy on the eyes and perfect for creating a cosy, relaxing atmosphere.

Vintage filament bulbs are endlessly versatile and fit with most styles of interior, however, they’re definitely at their best when you can see them. Hang from your ceiling singularly, in a cluster or in series using lengths of fabric cable and light bulb holders – add a cage light shade to make a stunning side light or table lamp.