Caramel Latte Light Switches & Plug Sockets

You’ve procrastinated over what feels like a gazillion paint swatches to get JUST the right shade of ‘earthy’. Your walls are a patchwork of paint testers. But finally, you’ve settled on THE colour: Brave Ground™ by Dulux. Now, if only you could change the unsightly light switches and sockets set on wrecking your new oasis of calm and serenity. What if…

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You stumbled across coloured plug sockets and switches that PERFECTLY matched your newly tranquil space. Electrical fixtures in a delicious shade of Caramel Latte that blend seamlessly into your walls. A beautiful detail that your eyes can float past while appreciating the fully flowing harmony.

Harmony is what makes a place feel together. Restful rooms soothe the senses and restore calm. Choosing one earthy colour and then using lots of tints (add white), tones (add grey) and shades (add black) of it will feel harmonious. Avoid it looking too flat by including different natural materials like wood, wool, linen and faux fur. If it still feels a bit dull for your tastes, introducing a few metallic accents will pep things up: you could choose silver light switches and plug sockets instead.

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  • caramel latte 1g dimmer on beigecaramel latte 1g dimmer on beige red

    Caramel Latte single chunky dimmer switch

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  • caramel latte 2g double rockercaramel latte 2g double rocker

    Caramel Latte double rocker switch

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  • caramel latte 1g rocker single switchcaramel latte 1g rocker single switch

    Caramel Latte single rocker switch

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