Copper & Silver

Copper & silver: the epitome of industrial style

Our gorgeously rugged copper & silver collection has been created to banish ubiquitous white plastic switches and sockets. These weathered switches have been exclusively designed to be shown off – and definitely make a statement. For maximum impact place upon matt white walls for an authentically industrial vibe. Check out our FAQs page if you have technical questions about these products that aren’t covered in the individual specifications.

This exclusive collection of tarnished copper & silver switches and sockets definitely packs a punch. Made from strikingly weathered copper, this matt plate features iridescent tones of navy, teal and grey that rebel against minimalist interiors beautifully. Each switch is completely unique and feature gorgeous silver toggles and dimmers that really accentuate their industrial design. Coordinate this designer range across your interiors to create a polished aesthetic that doesn't look too 'done'