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Everything you need to know about our dimmer and switch combo range

Drawing heavy curtains on the dusky sky, you pad over to your light switch and flick the toggle, illuminating the ceiling pendant in the centre of your bedroom. Pulling your favourite PJs from the wardrobe, you slip them on, feeling the soft, brushed cotton against your skin.

Twisting the dimmer dial, you watch your bedside lights settle into a warm glow before turning off the ‘big light’. Installing a dimmer and switch combo in your bedroom has given you total control over your lighting, with all the functions you need on one neat switch plate.

“The idea was to create a premium range of light switches that combines contemporary style with high-end functionality and versatility.”

James Dowsing-Reynolds, Designer and Co-Founder

What are combination light switches, and what are their benefits?

Combination light switches allow you to have a toggle and dimmer switch on one plate, giving you more control and flexibility over your lighting. 

You might want the ability to dim the dining table light in your kitchen to create a relaxing ambience, but a simple on/off toggle switch would be more convenient for your porch and under-cupboard lighting.

Dimmer switches that control your bedside lights help to create a tranquil setting, but you might use your bedroom ceiling light when completing tasks such as cleaning or getting ready, so an on/off toggle switch would be more functional here.

You can now have a dimmer and switch combo on one plate for convenience and control over multiple light sources in a sleek, neat, simple design.

Kevin McCloud checking out our new combination switches at the Grand Designs show!

How do these switches differ from your original range?

Our original light switches are perfect if you want the same functional capabilities across all the lighting in one room. If you have wall lights and ceiling lights in your living room that you want to be able to flick on and off, then our original double toggle switch would be the right choice for you. 

The new range of combination light switches allows you to have a dimmer and a toggle on the same plate, so you can dim the wall lights to set the ambience and quickly flick the ceiling light on and off when needed.

Will your original range of light switches also be available as a dimmer and light switch combination range?

The range combines our new toggle design and our existing dimmer style. There is no immediate plan to make our original range of light switches available as combination light switches.

Why are the toggles a different style from the original range?

Designed exclusively by James Dowsing-Reynolds, this new range features a modern, contemporary toggle design inspired by the aviation industry.

“The longer length of the tapered toggle makes it incredibly ergonomic, which works beautifully with the precise, engineered design. Similar to switches pilots have on their control panels, our combination light switches are a nod to modern, cutting-edge technology.”

James Dowsing-Reynolds, Designer and Co-Founder

How many switches can I have on one plate?

Currently, you can have up to four switches on a single plate. We are in the development phase of increasing this number to six, then to twelve for larger homes and businesses, but these will come later in the year.

Which colours are the combination light switches available in?

The new combination light switches are available in all the same colours as our core range, with the exception of the three Café Culture colours. Choose from black, white, gold, silver, chrome, polished copper, brushed copper, smoked gold or tarnished copper. Each colour matches the existing range, so if you already have our light switches in your home, our dimmer and switch combo will still coordinate perfectly. 

Can I choose the positioning of my dimmers and toggles?

If your preferred dimmer and light switch combination isn’t within our pre-configured range, you can mix it up using our ‘Create Your Own’ tool.

Choose the order in which your dimmers and toggles sit to create a unique dimmer and switch combo that works for you and your home.

Can I choose the colour of the toggle and dimmer switches?

You can select your preferred colour for each set of dimmers and toggles. Within each listing, you can click on your chosen colour and see an image of how the switch will look on the left.

Can I have a combination of intermediate and two-way switches on one plate?

As standard, our pre-configured range will all feature the same switch type across all switches on the plate. If you need a combination of intermediate and two-way switches on one plate, you can do this using our ‘Create Your Own’ tool.

How do I replace my light switch with a combination switch? Can I fit it myself?

Our combination light switches all come with comprehensive instructions, but as with any electrical work, they should always be fitted by a qualified and experienced electrician.

Do the dimmer switches work with LED bulbs?

The dimmers on the dimmer and switch combos are compatible with most LED or standard bulbs, as long as the total wattage load is between 5-150W. We stock a wide variety of LED bulbs, all of which will work with our new combination light switches.

Four benefits of combination light switches

  1. Total control and flexibility over your lighting
  2. Eliminate the need for multiple switches
  3. Unique, modern design that you won’t find anywhere else
  4. Create a dimmer and switch combo that works for your home

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