Copper & White

Copper & white: the ultimate statement

Our tarnished copper & white range has been exclusively designed to banish antiquated white plastic switches for good. Made up of a ruggedly tarnished copper plate with contrasting white details, our switches, dimmers and sockets are definitely conspicuous. Place on minimalist white walls to accentuate an industrial style. Check out our FAQs page if you have technical questions about these products that aren’t covered in the individual specifications.

This stunning tarnished copper & white collection is inherently rugged. Designed exclusively to coordinate with industrial interiors, this range rebels against minimalist interiors. For maximum impact place on white walls where the iridescent tones can really stand out. Each of our tarnished copper switches feature a matt copper plate with eddying tones of navy, teal and grey - no two are the same. We have everything you need to finish off your interiors: from USB sockets to appliance switches. So stylish.