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The soft duvet cover is comforting against your skin, the cosy woollen blanket warms chilly toes, the serene paint colour pacifies your racing mind, and the ambient bedroom lighting sets the perfect mood for relaxation.

Glancing up, you see the statement chandelier overhead providing a glamourous focal point for the room. It’s dramatic but not too overstated. Its softly glowing orbs are like mini-moons floating above your bed – ideal for lulling you into a dreamy slumber. Just let your mind wander…

Nestling amongst the feathery cocoon, you thank your past self for having the foresight to plan wall lights before redecorating. They provide flattering low-level lighting that’s ideal for changing into your pj’s, and you can read a while before nodding off, and you don’t have to get out from under the covers to turn the lights out. Bliss. 

Glimpsing the semi-flush ceiling light fitting in your dressing room, you notice how much you love that its frosted bulbs echo the shape of your bubble chandelier. Technically it’s not a bedroom light, but you can see it from your current position propped up in bed, so it needed to fit your decor style. You’ve gone for layers of texture and natural materials in creamy shades for this space, and catching a peek of the wooden flower-shaped ceiling pendant on the landing, you sigh with pleasure. All the lighting in and around your bedroom has come together so well. The dimmer switches you’ve installed allow you to turn their bulbs’ brightness up and down depending on your mood and activity. A couple of table lamps dotted around to finish things off nicely.

Now you’ve achieved zen-like bedroom lighting that helps you drift off to sleep, how about turning your attention to updating your living room lighting – it can be just as life-changing.