Bubble Chandelier Lights

Every room needs focal points to feel balanced, and a statement ceiling light is a great place to start. Modern glass bubble chandeliers attract your attention and draw your eyes upwards, making the space feel grander and bigger. 

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Bubble chandeliers are brilliant for:

  • Your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, hallway or lounge
  • Making a statement 
  • Radiating a warm, ambient glow
  • Providing a stunning focal point
  • Period properties and modern minimalist houses alike

Which bubble chandelier to choose for your home

Dowsing & Reynolds’ bubble chandeliers are renowned for their versatility; their modern, eye-catching design complements any home style, from contemporary new builds to Victorian properties, with their distinct period features. 

"Absolutely stunning bubble pendant. I'm obsessed with this! It looks incredible! I was terrified it would surely arrive broken as there's so much glass, but they'd wrapped everything very carefully." Louise Espley, TrustPilot

Medium bubble chandelier on a green ceiling.
A medium frosted bubble chandelier in a peach coloured room.

Bubble chandelier ceiling lights for period properties

Our large modern bubble chandelier ceiling lights look fabulous in a period property. When turned on, the opaque frosted versions float cloud-like in your room, emitting a soothing, almost ethereal glow. Clear baubles show the bulb filaments and let light flood through them, so they’re great where you want an unobstructed view or a slightly more industrial heritage feel to your light fitting. The iridescent versions look like clusters of soap bubbles drifting on a light breeze, adding mesmerising detail to any room. 

High ceilings and spacious rooms require large ceiling lights to create the desired visual impact; otherwise, they’ll look ‘lost’. Large bauble lights and the XL iridescent or cloud bar versions are ideal. 

"Bubble chandeliers work amazingly well as your main living room light-fitting - contrasted against a dark painted ceiling or blending with white for a subtler look. I have the captivating gold chain bubble chandelier above my dining room table, making it a lovely place to get together." Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, Lighting Expert and Co-founder.

Which bubble chandelier should I choose for low ceilings?

The low ceilings typically associated with farmhouse-style homes, cottages and new builds best suit the low-rise bubble chandelier. Its semi-flush fit means you can still enjoy the beauty of these modern chandeliers but have ample head clearance. Alternatively, multiple bubble wall lights dotted around your room can work equally well with low ceiling heights. 

Designed at our in-house studio

James Dowsing-Reynolds, our product designer and co-founder, dreamt up the award-winning D&R bubble chandelier after co-founder Ally expressed the desire for a grand ceiling light that floated like a cloud in her dressing room. She wanted something that diffused a cosy, ambient glow around the space to replace the outdated fitting she’d inherited from the previous house owners. 

It’s become one of our best-selling lights, a firm favourite due to its beauty and versatility. Bubble chandeliers are available in multiple sizes, shapes, and colours – there’s even a choice of ceiling rose and fabric cable colour to tie your new light into your décor.