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Rinsing the creamy cleanser from your face, you fumble to turn the bathroom taps off. Your fingertips brush the slender metal lever, and you notice how smooth it feels in your hand, your sense of touch heightened with your eyes closed. Nudging it to halt the water flow into the basin and with sight restored, you take in the tap’s elegant proportions.

Later, relaxing in the bathtub, you gaze at your serene bathroom, catching a glint of light bouncing from the elegant gold tap sitting atop your basin like a piece of statement jewellery. Finding the fixture that you knew would be ‘the one’ at first sight felt daunting at the time, especially with so many options available, but you’re glad that you kept searching for the right one.

Swapping out bathroom taps can change the whole feel of your space, transforming it from the ordinary to something more inviting and relaxing.

Match the finish of your bathroom tap to your shower and cabinet handles to create a flowing, harmonious sanctuary to rival the most lavish of boutique hotel bathrooms. 

If you have a smaller bathroom, maybe consider a wall-mounted tap to make the most of the surface space you do have, and if you’ve got a larger bathroom, why not go all out with a tall feature basin tap.

Elegant bathroom retreats call for gold bathroom taps that encourage you to sink down into a bubble-filled bath, lavishing yourself in your favourite lotions and potions as you unwind after a long day.

Silver and white taps make perfect additions to tranquil, neutral spaces. But if you want something a little more playful, opt for rebellious black, pink or green taps to transform your space into a joyful haven that evokes happiness each morning.

While you’re beautifying your bathroom, why not take a look at our bathroom accessories. You’ll find everything from towel rails and robe hooks to bottle traps and click-clack drains to spruce up your sink. Don’t forget to check out our bathroom lighting range to add to the blissful ambience your heart desires.

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