Digital Lavender triple rocker switch


These switches & sockets are finished by hand so please allow 1-2 additional working days for dispatch

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Wandering into your utility room, you smile at the burst of colours and patterns adorning your walls. Shades of lavender and green add vibrancy to the space, making laundry day infinitely more joyful. Eyeing the purple light switch on the wall, you reach out and flick it, watching as the ceiling light illuminates before turning it off again. You didn’t know lavender switches and sockets were a thing, but when you discovered an entire colour-pop range, you knew they were perfect for your home.

Folding clean clothes and crisp white sheets, you revel in the cheerful ambience created by the kaleidoscope of hues surrounding you. Potted plants sit on the windowsill, their vibrant green leaves contrasting beautifully against the pastel backdrop. Listening to the gentle hum of the washing machine, you take a deep breath, inhaling the delightful scent of your lilac-flower fabric softener. 

Heading to the garden, you pause by the purple light switch, admiring the unique touch it brings to your home. Closing the door, you meander down the path before pegging your damp laundry out to dry, the springtime sun warming your face as birds chirp merrily in the distance.

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This product is only suitable for countries where the mains supply is between 220 and 240 volts. If you're outside of the UK and are unsure, check the list of eligible countries below.

Digital Lavender triple rocker light switch

  • Material:
    • powder-coated steel switch plate
    • plastic back & components
    • brass rockers
  • Dimensions: H89mm x L89mm
  • Pack size: sold individually
  • Included: switch module with plate and screws
  • Product information:
    • requires minimum 35mm depth available within the back box
    • 2-way switch
    • LED compatible
    • 2kW (2,000W) load
    • 230-250v 50Hz 10AX
    • concealed fixings
  • Usage: indoor use only
  • This product complies with UK standards and EU CE mark requirements
  • Origins: designed in the UK, components sourced from our partners in China, powder-coated in Yorkshire

Here are the product instructions: