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Porcelain light fittings / lamp holders

porcelain light bulb holder style guide

Whether you’re smitten with fresh and modern, traditional, or funky and chic it appears porcelain light fittings are the latest ‘must-have’ for interior design. This porcelain light bulb holder style guide is here to give you some advice.

Great news for Dowsing & Reynolds, and even greater news for our clients! We love our vintage style porcelain light fittings (sometimes called lamp holders) and they now come in nine fantastic colours. So whatever way your interior design preferences sway, there’s a light fitting to suit you.

Light fittings can make or break a room and so we’ve designed our porcelain light fittings to fit in with the most dramatic to the most subtle of décor’s. From vibrant pink to delicate cream the lamp holders can be used as a splash of colour, to blend in with the background, or make your own colour combinations by mixing a few different colours together. One of the great things about them is that they look traditional and vintage, yet still new and on-trend. They have been created to be used without a lamp shade and look beautiful all on their own.

Here is our porcelain light fitting with a sky blue coloured flex:

How to wear these Porcelain Light Fittings

The porcelain light fittings provide a classical design style with a contemporary twist. Their versatility means they are adaptable to any style of décor and colour scheme.

We suggest:

  • Hang the light fitting straight from the ceiling for a more traditional feel
  • Hook and drape the flex for a unique design statement
  • Cluster different coloured flex together for a dramatic look
  • Get the ‘wow’ factor by hanging a bunch of flex together at varying heights

It’s all about the coloured flex

From an aesthetic point of view the porcelain light fittings with coloured flex creates a great visual balance. It’s not always about changing your whole décor – changing the lighting can alter the entire atmosphere of a room.

We’re a bit excited about our porcelain light fittings, so why not tell us what you think?

Written by: Ally

The lovely Ally is our very own interiors trend spotter. She’s already a well-known lifestyle blogger and as such is perfectly placed to pounce on anything new and noteworthy trending in the blogosphere. She’s passionate about fashion as well as interior design and loves to seek out quirky, but always stylish, home accessories.