Retreating to your local coffee shop, you inhale deeply, appreciating the big warm, soothing hugs that greet you the moment you step through the door. Aromas of freshly ground coffee and sweet pastries delight you and your shoulders relax, as you escape from the world for a while to indulge in a bit of ‘you’ time. And that’s how many of us want to feel in our homes – Comforted, enveloped and restored.

Granted, not a whole lot to do with ACTUAL switches, sockets and home hardware, but this collection blends seamlessly with the tonal colours used to decorate our homes. White plastic sockets and switches can jar, whereas these coloured light switches and plug sockets become a part of your interior rather than an inconvenience. Your eyes drift past them, delighting in the harmony.

Replacing your standard kitchen door handles and knobs with something that flows with the neutral space and matches the switches and sockets around your home is a beautiful way to create a calming kitchen haven. The Café Culture range extends across our bestselling kitchen door handles and drawer knobs, ensuring that nothing disrupts your carefully curated sanctuary.

Mouth-wateringly coloured light switches, plug sockets, kitchen door handles and knobs in three shades of coffee caramel spice have been designed to blend and tone beautifully with warming, comforting and grounding palettes of paint colours, including Brave Ground™, Dulux’s colour of the year 2021.

Having said that, if you decide you do want to make more of a statement, then explore our brass light switches, or perhaps black sockets and switches. Either colourway would also look gorgeous with warm neutrals.

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