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Invigorate your home with large-print wallpapers!

gestural abstractions wallpaper

So you’ve fallen head over heels in love with THE large-print wallpaper on Insta – you have to have it… But then reality hits, panic sets in and a cascade of questions start sneaking into your subconscious.

  • Is it too bold?
  • Is my room big enough for that pattern?
  • Will the sofa look right with it? 
  • Where should I put it?
  • Do I do one wall or all of them?

Before you know it, you’ve chickened out and are thinking about sticking with what feels familiar and safe – plain painted walls. AGAIN.

It’s a big step; honestly, though, you’ll be so disappointed you didn’t take the plunge. Gorgeous as high-pigment paint colours are, there’s always room for a bit of pattern. So we urge you to GO FOR IT. A leisurely browse through our hints and tips below may provide you with a great starting point for choosing some feature wallpaper – and what to do with it once you have!

Our number one best bit of advice sounds surprisingly simple – follow your heart and choose a wallpaper you love, then decorate/re-configure the rest of the room to work with it.

Large-print wallpaper is a simple way to revamp your space completely, and it’s a brilliant way to add your personality to your home. The great thing about it is that you know pretty much from first glance what you love and what you don’t. It’s instinct. 

amazonia wallpaper
aquafleur anthracite wallpaper
Aquafleur Anthracite
indigo marvel blue wallpaper
Indigo Marvel

First steps: tropical botanicals, dramatic florals, or abstract patterns – which speaks to your soul?

Choosing wallpaper can feel overwhelming. Look at the trends of what’s popular right now, and you’ll notice that the majority fall under just a few categories: tropical and botanical, renaissance florals, abstract, murals and material textures. Researching these is a good starting point to narrow down the kinds of things you like and don’t!

  1. Tropical and botanical: abundant with forests, leaf motifs, jungle and palm spring vibes, these prints featuring exotic plants, animals and birds are absolute winners. Perfect for bringing the outside in and creating a haven of paradise in your own home.
  2. Renaissance-inspired supersized florals: dark, romantic and dramatic backdrops add immediate impact and personality to your rooms. One for the brave!
  3. Abstract wallpapers: transform your room into a giant artist’s canvas. These are the statement makers. The ones that form the beginnings of your room’s theme and usually work best if you have simple furniture in uncomplicated shapes and patterns.
  4. Murals: your new feature wall! Very popular at the moment, they come in all kinds of beautiful styles – from architecture and trompe l’oeil effects to dramatic florals, metropolitan city skylines and misty landscapes. 

Material textures: add interest to your space. Many of these can be pretty subtle, so they’re a great place to start if you’re dipping your toe in the water: paper, wood, cotton, concrete and leather, to name a few.

A single feature wall or a room full of pattern?

So you’ve chosen a print – what now? Where on earth are you going to put it? Here are a few pointers to see what feels right for you…

wildlife of papua wallpaper

Zone your home

You could use large print wallpaper to create separate zones in your room. If you have a large kitchen-diner, use wallpaper in the dining space to create the illusion of two defined areas.

beverly hills mint wallpaper

Focal point feature wall

Create a focal point in your room by wallpapering just one wall. If you have a long, thin corridor of a room, wallpapering the end wall can bring it towards you and trick your eyes into thinking the room is squarer than it is!

dragons of tibet wallpaper

Cocooning sanctuary

To create a sanctuary, apply large print wallpaper to three walls. Cocooning yourself like this is a lovely way to evoke a zen-like state of mind. It feels very safe and comforting. This trick works exceptionally well if you have an expanse of bi-fold doors or a wall of windows that looks out over nature.

japanese garden wallpaper

Selective framing

Large-print wallpapers don’t have to cover entire walls! Used sparingly, they can frame furniture in bedrooms and living rooms. Wallpaper makes a great alternative to a headboard or looks fantastic as a backdrop to a sofa or beautiful armchair—paper just a nook of your living room to see it take on a new lease of life.

hit the north cork wallpaper witrh black printed illustrations

Secret surprises

If you love a pattern but just can’t see how you could live with it every day, consider using it somewhere secret. Papering the insides of cupboards or wardrobe doors is a beautiful way to delight your eyes and make you feel happy while doing the most mundane tasks.

byobu standard wallpaper

Moveable screens

Papering wooden screens is a great way to introduce pattern in a slightly less permanent way! Great for rental properties, moveable screens are an excellent way to zone off a larger room area. Add instant personality to wherever you are.

Building your room’s colour theme around a wallpaper

Textile designers carefully curate colour palettes for their patterns. They use colour theory to produce combinations that look great. So, if you’re nervous about putting colours together, wondering if they’ll work, starting with a patterned wallpaper is a great ‘cheat’. Just pick a few colours from it, and repeat those around your room in paint colour, carpets, furniture, cushions and accessories. It will work. No-brainer. Choose a vibrant colour as an accent if you want to increase the energy of the space. Dotting small pockets of colour around your room will attract your attention and keep your eyes moving around the area – this makes it exciting, and it will feel well put together. 

We hope you feel inspired to give large-scale wallpaper a go in your home, whether a whole room, a feature wall or a tiny bit as an accent. Have a browse through our range of large-print wallpapers and see if anything takes your fancy…

Don’t forget to tag us in your Insta photos – we do love to see how you’re decorating your homes!

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