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5 Inspiring Modern Farmhouse Décor Ideas

Embracing recent interior design trends, you contemplate ways to incorporate modern farmhouse décor into your home. Despite its surge in popularity, the modern farmhouse style is timeless and bursting with character, offering a fresh spin on a classic design.

Looking around each room, you envision what your home could look like with the addition of modern farmhouse elements. The use of natural materials blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors, while layered textures add depth and visual interest. Natural light shines in from the windows to keep each room bright and airy during the day, while contemporary lights and lamps with a rustic twist provide the perfect cosy evening ambience.

Delve into our modern farmhouse décor ideas and discover how to embrace country elements with a contemporary spin.

What is modern farmhouse décor?

The modern farmhouse style blends traditional farmhouse décor with elements of contemporary design. It is synonymous with comfort and simplicity, combining classic aesthetics with modern design, furnishings, and colour schemes.

In modern farmhouse homes, you can expect to see a combination of clean lines, neutral colour palettes, natural materials, and layered textures.

Defining characteristics of modern farmhouse décor

  • Neutral colours: Modern farmhouse colour palettes feature neutrals like cream, beige, and grey, which are often layered with natural wood tones.
  • Combined textures: A variety of contrasting textures are used in modern farmhouse interiors to add depth and visual interest to the space.
  • Metallic accents: Metal details are often featured through light fixtures or switches and sockets to add contemporary charm to modern farmhouse interiors.
  • Organic materials: Modern farmhouse décor is inspired by nature, with a focus on connecting the indoors with the outdoors. Wood, stone, wicker, and other natural materials are often heavily featured.
  • Clutter-free: Accessories are typically kept to a minimum in modern farmhouse interiors, keeping the space simple, clean, and inviting.

5 ways to introduce modern farmhouse décor into your interiors

There are a number of simple ways that modern farmhouse décor can be incorporated into your home without the need for a complete style overhaul.

1. Choose a neutral colour palette

Light neutrals such as cream, grey, and beige should be used as a base in any modern farmhouse interior, evoking the aesthetic of traditional farmhouse design.

However, accent colours can be added through accessories such as rugs, cushions, and table lamps to give the space a more contemporary feel.

Image courtesy of @plumandcrumble

To begin with, try selecting just one or two accent colours that you want to use. This will help to ensure the colour palette stays minimal and doesn’t accidentally become too busy, which would be uncharacteristic of the modern farmhouse style. When choosing your accent colours, be sure to choose light shades that keep the overall colour scheme neutral.

“Combining different textures and materials is a must in modern farmhouse interiors to prevent the space from looking flat.”

2. Mix textures and materials

Combining different textures and materials is a must in modern farmhouse interiors. Because this style is primarily made up of neutral colours, a mix of textures is necessary to prevent the space from looking flat.

Try combining fabrics like cotton, canvas, and wool, but also mix different materials like woods and metals to effortlessly imbue your interiors with contemporary rustic charm. In a modern farmhouse living room, a table lamp with metallic finishes would look great placed on a rugged wooden side table, emphasising the contrast between traditional and contemporary – a defining characteristic of modern farmhouse décor.

Product pick: With its metallic base and sleek contemporary design, the gold Waldorf table lamp is an excellent choice for modern farmhouse interiors.

3. Add metal accents

Another simple way to introduce modern farmhouse décor into your home is through the use of metallic accents. Try to use no more than three metals per room to keep the space cohesive, but consider opting for different finishes that emphasise both the traditional and contemporary side of the modern farmhouse style.

‘Look for fixtures and fittings in heritage styles’, says Ally Dowsing-Reynolds, interiors expert and co-founder of Dowsing & Reynolds. ‘Traditional scoop handles and toggle switches hark back to bygone eras and lend themselves perfectly to the cosy farmhouse look.’

Image courtesy of @grain_and_grey

Product pick: The double toggle switch in the colour antique brass has a traditional and rustic appearance that makes it the ideal metallic detail in any modern farmhouse interior.

4. Take inspiration from nature

Organic materials should be used throughout your modern farmhouse interiors to make them feel as though they’re connected to the outdoors.

Wooden floors and architectural details are typical of the modern farmhouse style and should be featured heavily, but also consider introducing other natural materials like stone, marble, and wicker wherever it makes sense to do so.

Product pick: With its eye-catching marble base, the white marble table lamp would look at home in any modern farmhouse room.

5. Think carefully about lighting

Lighting is incredibly important in modern farmhouse homes, with bright, airy spaces being a defining characteristic. Having large windows that let in lots of natural light is ideal, but the lighting fixtures you choose are equally important.

Opt for modern versions of rustic lighting where possible to get the modern farmhouse look. ‘Metal wall sconces with feature filament bulbs perfectly balance modern and traditional’, says Ally.

Image courtesy of @tessa_ina

You could even go for a striking contemporary chandelier like the gold Amberley chandelier, which beautifully combines a traditional style with sleek modern bulbs.

Show us your modern farmhouse interiors

We’d love to see how you’ve used these modern farmhouse décor ideas to transform your home. Tag us on Instagram @dowsingandreynolds – we can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

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