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The perfect bedroom wall light? We found it.

Posted on: 8th Jul, 2016 | By: Ally

hebden bedroom wall light

We noticed that lots of you had been having a go at making your own bedroom wall light with our fabric cable, bulb holders and light bulbs. Crafting the wall brackets yourselves. Pinterest is full of these ‘bracket sconce’ style lights which hark back to industrial times. They came in very handy for, well, holding a light bulb up! A bit like an arm holding out a lightbulb so you can see what you’re doing. These days, we have bracket wall lights just for their looks. They have a certain charm to them…rustic…a handmade feel to them. That’s why we created the Hebden bedroom wall light…

For those of you that don’t have time to make your own bedroom wall light, we thought we’d help you out.

I’m not entirely sure where these people on Pinterest who make lots of gorgeous “stuff” get all their time from. OK, I’m jealous, I admit it. I’d like to be all ‘handy’ and spend time making beautiful lighting and objects for my home…but I’m neither handy nor have enough time! If you’re like me, then this wall light is perfect for you.

Meet the Hebden wall light:

Bedroom Wall Light - Hebden Bracket

It’s made from solid oak, which is oiled (enhancing the natural grain of the wood), and comes with your choice of five colours for the fabric cable along with a black bakelite bulb holder.

The lights were either named after Hebden in North Yorkshire…a beautiful part of the Yorkshire Dales. Or maybe after Hebden Bridge. The bracket is, after all, a little like a bridge! We have family from there, so it does seem fitting. Whichever town you decide it’s named after for you, we think either town is lovely and fully deserves to have their own light.

These bracket wall lights can be placed anywhere in the home…but for me, these wall lights are most perfect as a bedside light. It’s hard to find good bedside lamps and these fit the bill nicely. They have a lovely architectural feel to them…perfect for holding that gorgeous vintage-style light bulb, which will give you gorgeous light to read your book/Kindle by. Put one either side of your bed and they add a lovely touch of balance to your bedroom.

I love the simplicity of them. They aren’t complex, it’s just a well-made bit of wood holding a lovely bulb holder and light bulb. It doesn’t try to be showy offy, it’s stable…calm and whispers “hi, I’m handsome”.

Bed Side Wall Light Hebden Black Twisted

It does to me, anyway!

It’s well crafted, it’s solid…yet gentle at the same time. Am I still talking about these bedroom lights? Or am I talking about what I look for in a man? Who knows. Both.

So, which fabric would you go for? I think my favourite is the black twisted. It’s a classic, it works really well. Smooth black is lovely too and will go with any interior…’Old Grey Jumper’ is a really big seller of ours. That would certainly suit I more rustic bedroom I think. It makes me feel warm and snuggly, it’s a comforting material. Brown twisted is for those with more of a retro style to them, with a little nod to the 1970s I think. Finally, the black and white houndstooth fabric cable is maybe one for those of you who have more monochrome interiors? I love looking at photos of black and white interiors, they’re classy…not something I’ve ever had myself yet though.

Which light bulb would you go for? Me, personally? I’d choose either the pear-shaped squirrel cage filament light bulb or the standard quad loop filament light bulb. Both are classics and I adore them. I love the globes too, but I think the pear or the standard light bulbs just suit this light more. They draw your eye down from the top of the bracket…the ‘bridge’…down to the tip of the bulb. Lovely.

Vintage Light Bulb Quad Loop Filament


Putting them up on your bedroom wall is a doddle, there’s no electrical know-how required. No wires to chase into the walls, just fix your Hebden bracket light to the wall (OK, you might need to be ‘handy’ to do this…or know someone that is), plug it in and you’re away.

Wooden Bracket Bedside Light


Simples. We’d love to see any photos from you if you buy one…tag us in your instagram photos. We hope that these bedside wall lights bring you lots of lovely reading time (or playing games, whatever helps you to get to sleep) and some peaceful nights sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzz…………

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Written by: Ally

The lovely Ally is our very own interiors trend spotter. She’s already a well-known lifestyle blogger and as such is perfectly placed to pounce on anything new and noteworthy trending in the blogosphere. She’s passionate about fashion as well as interior design and loves to seek out quirky, but always stylish, home accessories.