Polished Brass

Polished Brass

Add a vintage industrial edge to your interiors with polished brass. Our collection includes lighting, lighting accessories and hardware. It’s gorgeously sophisticated finish that works beautifully in almost any interior. Whether you are wanting elegant gold as a contrast in an industrial interior or you are just wanting a chic and stylish lighting feature, this range is just the thing.

There really is something for everyone. Our range includes bright brass kitchen drawer handles and knobs, light switches and sockets and bulkhead lighting. There’s even an option to create your own lighting with our ceiling roses and light bulb holders. Polished brass works against almost all colours – but we love it as a luxe accent against moody grey or stormy navy walls.

Our stunning gold double plug socket is really a double brass socket but don't despair… Its beautiful brushed finish means this socket has a lovely soft, golden glimmer as opposed to the expected harsh, brassy yellow. More antique brass than brand new.

Making up part of our gold switches and sockets collection, this is a quality wall socket - it looks and feels substantial and is built to last. We designed all our electrical fittings ourselves, including light switches, dimmers and other electrical sockets to match. And only we sell them. Perfect if your someone who likes to have something a bit different from the crowd.

We love this designer double plug socket in a lounge or dining room - satisfy your guilty glamorous side that needs to be acknowledged every now and then! A small finishing touch is the perfect way to do this and a plug socket is, after all, totally functional.

The golden hue of brass is a versatile colour to integrate into your interiors... Although less is definitely more, you don't want your space looking like Midas' palace! Gold perks up any rich shade including mulberry, myrtille, saffron, forest, obsidian and bitter chocolate. Delicious.

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