Vita is a Scandinavian company specialising in beautiful lighting that is simple yet functional. This stunning collection of  Danish lighting certainly makes a statement and works in a whole variety of interior styles. We love the EOS feather light shade. It’s available in a range of sizes making it perfect for any room – it can also be used as either a light shade or as a lamp…So versatile. These stunning feather shades have an almost cloud-like quality and look fabulous in minimalist interiors – adding texture to your rooms.

If luxe feathers aren’t your thing our Vita collection also has some gorgeous geometric style light shades in copper, white, silver or black – these monochromatic shades make for beautiful bold lighting features. Pair with a pendant cord set or light stand, to complete the look.

This UMAGE Eos feather light shade is just beautiful. Make an impact in any space with this handcrafted, goose feather lamp shade. Great in a high-ceilinged bedroom, amazing in a pale grey stairwell, like our Just A Perfect Grey paint - the kind of space that needs a bit of something to 'pep' it up. This shade is the perfect lighting accessory

This luxurious handcrafted Umage feather light shade is perfect for contemporary rustic interiors. The delicate goose feathers add a striking texture to moody grey walls, softening a minimalist aesthetic and creating a gorgeous feature. We love this suspended centrally above a dark reclaimed wooden coffee table to add a touch of serenity to an industrially decorated lounge. These handcrafted light shades diffuse light softly and are reminiscent of weightless clouds floating across a dusky sky.

Each feather light shade is environmentally friendly as well as stunning to look at. UMAGE is a company that is very keen on reducing their environmental footprint. These lights are boxed in the minimum of packaging but what there is, is lovely. Sleek black boxes with beautiful photography and typography. This feels very luxurious when you open it. Experience it for yourself.

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