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Free express delivery on UK orders over £200

Kitchen Lighting

Perching at the breakfast bar, you glance lovingly around your kitchen, mentally playing back all the activities that have happened here over the last week…  Hectic breakfasts grabbed on the go, prepping dinner for an impromptu date night, homework before tea, arts and crafts at the weekend, a lazy Sunday roast with the family and the very occasional peaceful cuppa enjoyed in a rare moment to yourself. You silently thank yourself for the time you spent getting the kitchen lighting just right to cope with all demands placed on this wonderfully multi-functional space

  • Umage clava dine wooden slatted pendant lampshade against black background
    Umage Clava Dine lampshade light oak
  • connaught flush ceiling light gold ceiling light with 5 bulbs on black ceiling.
    Connaught ceiling light
  • bubble glass chandelier with 40 glass baubles & 5 gold bulb holders suspended from black fabric cable against a black wall
    Large bubble chandelier

How to choose kitchen lighting

Sitting down and really thinking about how you use your kitchen is the best starting point. Breaking your room down into smaller zones may help rather than trying to tackle the whole space – depending on how large it is. For example, do you have a breakfast bar, a dining table, or space for a couch as well as the more obvious prep, cooking and washing up areas?

Write down each zone, or area, and the tasks that you and your family do in that space. Countertops and kitchen islands are often preparation areas so lots of chopping and measuring action where you need to be able to see exactly what you’re doing. The sink area is where you douse your favourite crystal wine glass in foaming suds until your lipstick from the previous evening becomes a distant memory, drain the pasta or simply fill a pan with water. And a dining table could be called upon to be everything from an intimate space for a romantic dinner, to a makeshift office to a party space to feed family and friends.  

Pendant lighting hanging over kitchen islands and dining tables, along with strategically placed table lamps and wall lighting will give you a constant stream of light where you need it the most. ALWAYS use a dimmer switch so you can control the ambience of each zone so the mood sets the scene for whatever you’re up to!

Kitchen island and breakfast bar lighting

The rule of ‘odds’ is king here – three or five lights work best for kitchen island lighting. It just looks better. You can just choose multiples of the same light and hang them at equal intervals but if the thought of the required accuracy of measuring fills you with dread, have a browse of our kitchen island lighting range which has some nifty lights already spaced on one easy-to-install ceiling rose.

Statement lights above your dining table

Dining tables have their work cut out, that much is clear. They play host to all manner of shenanigans so lighting needs to be bright enough to illuminate the table below for more intricate tasks, and dimmable so when the occasion calls for it, you can soften the light for a more relaxing atmosphere. Choosing a statement light, a chandelier, for example, provides a focal point for your space and helps zone the dining area, making it feel cosy and an inviting place people naturally gather, check out our dining room lighting page for more on this.

  • henriette gold pendant light with four opal bulbs on black background
    Henriette pendant light
  • light brown umage feather pendant light with white cord set on black background
    Umage feather pendant light brown
  • brass feature pendant lights with opal bulbs againast black background
    Trikonasana brass multi-arm light

Wall lights as subtle mood lighting

Wall lights add a traditionally romantic air to your space, they’re more flattering than overhead lighting and generally just a bit more subtle. When peppered around your kitchen-diner, they transform the room from a functional area to a serene setting where you can while away the evening – music blissfully filling the silence. Wall lights will seem to soften the edges of your room, and you’ll notice its soporific effect as your body begins to melt into your comfy chair.

Nightcaps by table lamp-light

Floor and table lamps add layers of lighting to your space – they’re ideal for casting a softer glow in shadowed nooks that ceiling lights can’t reach. A table lamp on your kitchen counter will add a gentle warming ambience to those darker mornings when the harshness of the ‘big light’ is just too much, and they’ll make it feel cosier for when you arrive home in the evening. Dot lamps throughout your kitchen-diner to spark interest around coffee tables and sideboards, creating small pockets of comfort to sit and chat or get lost in a novel.

  • Umage asteria anthracite and brass table lamp with usb charging port on black background switched on
    Anthracite Asteria table lamp
  • Grey tripod floor lamp with feather shade and white tripod base against black background
    Grey Eos floor lamp
  • Leather desk lamp with black leather shade and brass base against black background
    Brass leather cuff table lamp

Pulling it all together

The lighting ‘rulebook’ says that for best effect you should aim for around eight light sources in a given space, that depends on its size obviously, but this will give you enough options to cover most eventualities. Fairy lights and candles apply as well as everything we’ve mentioned here: pendant lights and statement chandeliers, wall lights, floor and table lamps as well as specialist kitchen island lighting. 

We always recommend fitting dimmer switches to your kitchen lighting so you have ultimate control over the feel of your room, the amount of light you want will change throughout the day. And if you are on the lookout for new light switches, maybe consider changing your plug sockets to match. Our ranges are available in a variety of finishes, including matt black, tarnished copper, gold, caramel latte as well as many others so there’s bound to be something for you to fall in love with.

  • cinnamon double plug socket with white insert on cinnamon background
    Cinnamon double plug socket
  • black & gold quad dimmer
    Black quadruple dimmer switch
  • Smoked gold toggle switches with gold double toggle detail against black background
    Smoked Gold double toggle switch

Kitchen history

Dating back to 1802, the kitchen first came to fruition with the invention of the range oven. It was a place solely intended for food preparation, and since then, the kitchen has evolved into an area for entertaining with luscious appetisers, uncontrollable laughter, and captivating conversations. 

The evolution of the open-plan kitchen-diner transformed the room even further, turning it into the heart of the home. Kitchen islands meant the host could join in the conversation while sprinkling that final dash of rosemary onto their freshly baked focaccia without missing any juicy snippets of chatter. Large dining tables brought the whole group together to enjoy the delights that had been prepared, revelling in each other’s company and relaxing into the evening. 

Whether you’re chopping broccoli florets on a Monday night or indulging in a glass of red whilst winning a game of rummy, getting your kitchen lighting right will help you to make the most of your space. Enjoying an evening tête-à-tête beneath a bright white beam is neither romantic nor enjoyable, and cooking a feast beneath patchy lighting is a no-go either. So, take your time choosing lamps, pendants and wall lights and make your kitchen work for you and yours.

Got your kitchen lighting sussed? Why not take a look at our rooms pages for inspiration on illuminating your bathroom or living room.

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