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Japandi Lighting for Tranquil Living Spaces

Relaxing in the glow of your new Japandi lighting, you reach for a magazine and lean back into the plush sofa. Soothing scents of orange and sandalwood drift from the essential oil diffuser, and you take a deep breath as your shoulders relax.

The sun dips lower behind the trees, and you watch the dappled light cast mesmerising patterns across your white wall. Settling into a nest of woven throws and fluffy blankets, you sip your herbal tea and gaze around the tranquil space.

Inspired by the simplicity of Japandi design, you’ve transformed your living room into a sanctuary. The furniture is minimal, focussing instead on the organic materials and calming colour palettes. Softly diffused lighting blends harmoniously with the muted earthy tones peppered throughout the room, creating a balanced space to enjoy endless peaceful moments.

Japandi lighting can lift the mood in any room. From expert advice to a range of lighting fixtures, use our guide to help you create a Japandi-inspired haven.

black modern chandelier with opal bulbs on grey ceiling

Create a serene space with Japandi lighting

A fusion of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian design principles, Japandi style is all about balance – think uncluttered spaces, natural materials, and purposeful décor. 

When it comes to lighting, choosing an ambient glow over a bright white light will help infuse any room with a sense of serenity. Natural light also plays a significant role in Japandi style, creating a bright, airy atmosphere that feels open and spacious. 

Japandi-style lighting often utilises natural textures such as wood, rattan, and bamboo, whether that’s through beautifully designed ceiling light shades or feature lamp bases.

Embrace ambient lighting 

Combining the cosy comfort of hygge and the principle of finding beauty in the imperfect (wabi-sabi), Japandi design aims to create spaces with a lived-in feel. Ambient lighting helps elevate the aesthetic, setting the perfect mood for slow mornings and peaceful evenings. 

Using diffused light sources, such as lamps and pendant lights, will create a softer glow, minimising glare while gently illuminating dark corners. In rooms where you want to unwind, like the bedroom or living room, opt for warm-toned bulbs to keep the mood calm.

Tips and tricks from the experts:

  • Pair a large pendant feature with strategically placed lamps for a layered lighting scheme
  • Go for light bulbs with a warmer colour temperature (around 2700 K)
  • Adjustable dimmer switches will give you more control over the room’s brightness
  • Consider using energy-efficient LED bulbs to save on energy
  • Add a unique touch by mixing different materials and lighting designs

Japandi bedroom lighting: Striking the right balance

wooden light shade with linen cable against black background

Twisting the black dimmer dial, you watch the room gently illuminate. The space captures your style perfectly, with a thoughtfully chosen colour scheme, accessorised with a few ceramic ornaments and tall potted plants

With a focus on natural materials and simple shapes, Japandi-style lighting creates a calm atmosphere in the bedroom, where snug nights and fresh mornings are spent in the comfort of your duvet. 

Start by choosing a sculptural ceiling light to serve as a centrepiece that draws attention in all the right ways – this works particularly well when suspended over a statement furniture piece, such as a bed. Achieve an even spread of light by strategically positioning modern table and bedside lamps throughout the space, keeping the designs simple and elegant – overly decorative pieces can disrupt the flow. 

Style tip: Whether you have a large bedroom or a smaller space, you can maximise the natural light by swapping out heavy curtains for pleated blinds or voile drapes.

Product pick: The Frosted Bubble Chandelier is visually impactful and is available in multiple sizes for any bedroom.  Frosted bulbs diffuse light for a softer effect that’s ideal for a Japandi ceiling light.

Japandi lighting for the living room: A space that invites relaxation

Intriguing shapes, earthy hues, and tactile textures create a space with warmth and soul. Low-level furniture becomes the focal point, arranged around a reclaimed wood coffee table that’s just the right size for teapots and books. Stacks of logs sit beside the fireplace for especially gloomy evenings – a nod to the cosy Scandinavian side of Japandi design. 

Factoring task lights into your living room lighting scheme will add functionality to the space – one of the core principles of Japandi design. Pools of warm light create cosy corners for focus and relaxation, while overhead ceiling lights are helpful when completing chores like dusting and hoovering.

Japandi design plays on scale and proportion. If you have an open-plan space, try clustering your furniture and lighting fixtures – this will result in an aesthetically cohesive space with defined zones. 

Living rooms that embrace Japandi-inspired features have a grounded quality that balances practicality with eye-catching designs – a backdrop for the everyday, whether you love to have friends around or enjoy an early morning coffee to yourself.

Style tip: Nature features heavily in Japandi design. Consider using lighting fixtures that emanate nature through their shape or use of organic materials.

Product pick: Lampshades like the Umage Jazz Lampshade in light oak make a statement without overpowering the space.

Show us your Japandi-inspired interiors

We’d love to see how you’ve used our lighting to create a timeless, tranquil interior space. Tag @dowsingandreynolds on Instagram – we can’t wait to see your ideas!

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