Gold Ellipse T-bar Handle


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Sparkly and captivating, you’ve always been a sucker for anything gold. A bit of a magpie, some might say! Your treasured gold ring rarely leaves your finger, and you feel utterly underdressed if you happen to leave the house without it. Your tiny gold earrings add elegance to any outfit, and the gilded buckle of your black leather belt adds a touch of glam to your old-faithful grey jeans. That’s why you knew you HAD to have gold hardware in your kitchen revamp.

Decadently black with striking gold details, your kitchen is a pure reflection of you. Everyone told you not to paint it so dark, but in a peak of brave rebellion, you did it anyway - and you absolutely love it. The space has transformed from a dingy room you never wanted to spend time in into a place that positively delights you. Best of all, it's the ultimate party destination, but tonight's plan involves a reviving cup of tea and nestling on the sofa. Reaching for the gold dimmer switch, you turn the ceiling lights down low and light a luxury aromatherapy candle. The scents of birch and black pepper slowly infuse the air. 

Steam bursts from the kettle, and you pull open the cupboard in search of your favourite mug. Wrapping your fingers around one of the beautiful gold ellipse t-bar kitchen handles, you stop to spend a moment enjoying the feeling of curved metal against your skin. It's SO satisfying. Solid and reliable. It's these little details that have finished off this room so well. Insta-ready even!

Taking your cuppa, you snuggle into a plush velvet armchair and, taking a deep breath, feel your shoulders relax. Turning on one of the table lamps beside you bathes your nook in soft and relaxing light. Picking up your book - a trusty classic that you now know word for word - you quickly become ensconced in the landscapes of Southern Italy.

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Gold Ellipse t-bar handle

  • Material: solid brass
  • Dimensions: L57mm x W35mm x D20mm
  • Pack Size: sold individually
  • Included: handle and x1 25mm screw
  • Indoor use only
  • Our product meets environmental regulations and is manufactured to our quality assurance requirements
  • Origins: handle sourced from our partners in China, screws from the UK

Here are the product instructions:

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