Gold Switches & Sockets

Bustling around the house, you take a certain satisfaction from completing your long-awaited renovation project, and after a morning of cleaning and tidying, it’s looking pristine. You especially love the gold light switches and gold sockets that feature throughout, providing visual continuity wherever you go.

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Exclusively designed by Dowsing & Reynolds, this range of gold light switches and sockets covers every eventuality you’ll need to complete each room, from a gold toggle switch to a gold pull cord switch, a gold shaver socket and even a cooker switch to ensure your kitchen looks impeccably styled.

A gold light switch repeated throughout your home provides a luxurious visual anchor point

A gold light switch can do amazing things to a space—a gold double dimmer switch provides a snippet of premium luxury for every room, enabling you to set the perfect ambience for all your matching gold ceiling pendant lights.

Coordinate your gold switches with a gold double socket or two for a pulled-together look to make any interior designer proud. We have gold USB wall sockets for convenient charging of devices and even brushed gold shaver sockets to complete your en-suite.

Repeating an element in each room throughout your house provides visual continuity that’s relaxing for your mind – it knows what to expect so it can calm and enjoy the experience of being at one with your home. Gold switches and sockets are a particularly great detail to choose and repeat.

Black and gold light switches add stylish drama to your walls

Dowsing and Reynolds’ gold light switches and sockets come with options! You can choose black dimmer knobs, toggles, or rocker switches on your gold light switch and matching black inserts in your gold USB sockets.

A black and gold dimmer switch not only looks great but works perfectly to adjust the brightness of the bulbs in your ceiling lights – dim low for a relaxing evening mood and up high when you want energy to complete your tasks.

White and gold light switches convey luxury with an individualistic twist

Gold switches with white toggles, rockers or dimmer dials are the perfect way to make your gold switches and sockets unique. They blend beautifully with white walls, the white switch detailing harmonising with the walls, pulling both elements together – a great option if all gold is a bit much for your tastes.

Our gold sockets also have a white insert option, so all your gold switches and sockets can sit together seamlessly.

Brushed gold light switch options

A brushed gold light switch, shaver socket or wall socket is a slightly less ‘blingy’ look than a polished finish, so all our gold switches and sockets are available in a brushed gold finish. It’s just more versatile.

Gold switches and sockets for every room in your home

The extensive Dowsing & Reynolds range of gold switches and sockets means you can fit your whole house out from one shop – from your kitchen to your boot room to your living room, your en-suite, your main bedroom, guest suite and beyond.

All your light switches and plug sockets will match perfectly – you can also buy your gold pendant lights, door handles, taps and golden bathroom accessories from us to ensure all the elements of your rooms coordinate.