Wall lights

Wall lights for all vintage industrial-style interiors…

Well, we really do have something for every style of industrial décor in our wall lights collection.

Our wall lights range is an eclectic mix of vintage, retro, glamour and factory style wall-mounted lights suitable for everything from warehouse style living spaces to laid-back comfy bedrooms – and we can even cover moody, elegant French influenced interiors.

This wall lights range has everything you need to add ambience to your interiors. From gorgeous industrial style wall lights that make the perfect bedside lights to steam-punk inspired vintage lamps available in either Farrier Bronze, Forgotten Silver or Old Brewer's Brass, there really is something for everyone. We even have sleek porcelain wall lights to add a minimalist, retro-chic edge.

For the ultimate vintage-industrial vibe add a striking vintage filament light bulb - available in a range of styles. Take your pick. Please get a qualified electrician to fit wall lights for you.