White is a colour that can really make an impact when used over large areas or contrasted in small amounts against a large area of intense and dramatic colour. It takes a brave (and tidy) person to embrace the pure minimalist trend. But if you’re not feeling quite so neat, white can also work really well a stand-alone accent colour.

This collection of hardware, lighting and lighting accessories all works beautifully in any interior, adding texture, shape or simply making a statement. Make fabulous lighting features with our create your own lighting range – where you can mix and match fabric cable, light bulb holders and filament light bulbs to create a stunning aesthetic. For maximum impact embrace anthracite greys, sleek blacks and metallic finishes.

If you have a white painted ceiling and want your ceiling rose to blend seamlessly into your ceiling allowing your light fitting to really stand out, then this white ceiling rose is a great option.

Create your own stunning bespoke light fitting by firstly pairing it with a length of stylish fabric cable. We've got all the bases covered with our fantastic selection. Keep it sleek and minimal with a white fabric cable. We've got two to choose from -  Chalk White and Chalk White Twisted. Or how about a monochrome design using our Mint Humbug cable. The next step is choosing a bulb holder. For a chic luxe look, match with a gold bulb holder. But if you like the idea of a black and white scheme then go for black bulb holder.

And the final flourish? A fabulous light bulb of course! We've got loads of absolute stunners to choose from. From classic vintage to sustainable LED. So we'll leave that conundrum with you...

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