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Dining Room Lighting

Entertaining is your game. Having friends and family over to enjoy delicious food and convivial chatter makes your week. Planning the menu, choosing wines and sourcing ingredients makes your heart sing. As for designing your table theme, ON IT. But how often do you consider your dining room lighting?

Candles and fairy lights are a no-brainer when creating a romantic ambience for two, but what about when the family comes over for a Sunday roast? The dining room lighting you choose helps you to set the right mood for every occasion. It also reflects your style personality and can change the look and feel of your space.

Lighting sets the tone long before the food arrives. Think back to when you’ve been scouting around a new city for a restaurant – the ones floodlit like a football pitch with cold LED light, never call out to you. They’re not inviting you in with a warm welcome. But consider the cosy family-run taverna with red and white check curtains and small dimmed lamps above each table. Italian Mama is on hand to welcome you in, make you feel like a part of the family and settle you down in an intimate corner so you can enjoy the company of your dining companion. THAT’S how you want your guests to feel!

So with all that said, where do you start? How you want to feel is where to begin and how you’re going to use your dining space. It might have different uses during the day and evening. Having a selection of lighting sources will give you the most flexibility. Then lastly, choose the style of lights you love that best reflects your personality!

Choosing dining room lighting 

Creating drama and a focal point

Going big on your statement pendant light is the way to create drama in your dining space. A feature ceiling pendant light hanging above the table grabs your attention and brings focus to the specific area: where you’ll be sitting to enjoy a delicious meal. And did you know that like moths, we humans feel compelled to congregate around pools of light? Great for keeping everyone together instead of milling about, getting under your feet in the kitchen!

frosted bubble chandelier pendant light featuring 24 frosted baubles & 5 gold bulbholders suspended from black fabric cable against a black wall
brass feature pendant lights with opal bulbs againast black background

Adorning low ceilings 

Flush fitting ceiling lights can be a nightmare to find – if you want nice-looking ones anyway. Low ceilings don’t necessarily mean no statement light, though!

connaught flush ceiling light gold ceiling light with 5 bulbs on black ceiling.
black Portobello flush mount ceiling light with lit light bulb on black ceiling

Going for a softer atmosphere 

Wall lights add a certain je ne sais quoi to a room. Every boutique hotel or upmarket restaurant goes heavy on wall lights – they create a softer atmosphere than overhead lighting – very few people look their best when lit from above by a harsh glare!

keren wall mounted lamp against black background
Grosvenor silver lit wall light fixture against black background

Enticing conversation with your lamps

Animal lamps are great conversation starters. An unexpected accessory in any room grabs attention and invites compliments. We have a whole menagerie of creatures to choose from plus more traditional, but no less beautiful, table and floor lamps.

black swan light with gold bulb holder and frosted pear bulb
abu gold sitting monkey table lamp on dark background holding switched on lightbulb

Setting the tone 

Light fittings won’t create the mood by themselves; it comes down to the light bulbs you use. Dining room lighting-wise, warm white is the only way to go. After that, it’s your personal preference whether you go for vintage filament style, LED, frosted, clear, globe… Choose according to the look you’re creating. If you’re stuck, most of our statement lights do come with a recommended bulb option.

How did dining rooms come about anyway?

First used by the Greeks, a dining room allowed them to eat in secluded comfort, accentuating their class and status. Greek men would gather in rooms – designed specifically for eating – to discuss all manner of things to which women were not privy! Pfft. Happily, the Romans embraced equality, inviting women to eat alongside the men in tricliniums (dining rooms) that changed location depending on the season.

As trade increased, people began to eat in more comfortable surroundings. Dining spaces were added to architectural house plans, solidifying the dining area as an actual domestic room. Although, there would have been much debate over the physical location of said room.

Finishing touches

Dining room lighting sorted! Well nearly. If you can, ALWAYS fit a dimmer switch to allow full control over the ambience in your room. “Up a bit, down a bit.” It doesn’t matter how exacting you are; a dimmer can accommodate the minutest of adjustments.

chunky 1g black dimmer
black & gold triple dimmer

And now you’ve created your perfect dining room atmosphere, why not have a look at what magic you can whip up with your living room lighting?

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