Silver Ellipse T-bar Handle


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Snuggled under the duvet, you lie completely still, knowing that sudden movement, or the sounds of your footsteps padding across the bedroom floor, will alert the family downstairs to the fact that you’re awake. Hoping to drag this delicious moment of solitude out as long as possible, you listen to the clatter of pans from the kitchen, the murmur of voices discussing breakfast options. But they’ve got you. The inviting aroma of coffee drifts underneath the door, and you can’t resist. Weekend brunch is far too pleasurable to miss out on languishing in bed.

Following your nose, you clamber out of bed and trundle downstairs, the volume increasing with each descending stair. Suddenly you can't wait to see everyone, and you hurry into the kitchen, desperate to say 'hi', but also for a caffeine fix! 

Confronting the mayhem, you clock the pots and pans strewn across every available surface and a slightly dishevelled family waiting patiently at the table in front of an enormous pile of pancakes dripping with maple syrup. 

Volunteering to tidy, you shoo everyone out of the room, brew yourself another coffee and whack some music on, turning on the dining room lighting to fully inspect the damage. You secretly find joy in cleaning if left to your own devices. Stacking the mountain of plates into the dishwasher, you grab a sponge and wipe down the surfaces in your serene green kitchen, the most tranquil spot to unwind after a hectic start to the morning. Giving the silver ellipse t-bar handles that adorn each cupboard a quick polish, you can't help but wrap your fingertips around the wonderfully curved edge, the metal cold against your skin. Squinting at the reflection staring back at you from the handle, contorted with messy hair, and make-up-less face, you gasp - it's time to get dressed.

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Silver Ellipse t-bar handle

  • Material: solid brass
  • Dimensions: L57mm x W35mm x D20mm
  • Pack Size: sold individually
  • Included: handle and x1 25mm screw
  • Indoor use only
  • Our product meets environmental regulations and is manufactured to our quality assurance requirements
  • Origins: handle sourced from our partners in China, screws from the UK

Here are the product instructions:

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