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Oh so black braided fabric cable is a style classic. There’s not much this won’t go with – it adds a true vintage feel finishing touch to any light fitting. It can go subtle and chic with a deep, rich coloured décor or add edgy contrast to a predominantly white room.

If it’s texture and detail you’re after in a modern interior, use this understated black twisted fabric cable to hang a cluster of vintage light bulbs or with a black light cage and vintage bulb as a side light. For an industrial vibe use it to hang an enamel or raw steel shade. Used to re-wire period table lights, this will help retain their original character.

Our fabric cable for lighting is priced per metre and multiple units will be sent to you in one length.

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Black braided fabric cable for lighting

Intense black Italian braided fabric cable 8 Amp, double insulated & CE certified

Our black braided fabric cable for lighting is a style classic. Fashioned in a traditional style, this coloured fabric covered flex makes a stylish addition to any light fitting. Whether you’re making a table lamp or ceiling pendant, do be sure to use fabric cable.

This black twisted fabric cable goes with pretty much anything. We love it contrasted with our angular fool’s gold diamond cage light shade, a black bulb holder and stunning medium quad loop vintage light bulb. A stunning table lamp indeed. For a sophisticated take on an industrial bare bulb pendant; we recommend a length of this twisted fabric cable, a black bulb holder and one of our geometric light bulbs. A stunningly simple yet beautiful addition to a photo gallery wall.

What you need to know about our fabric cable for lighting black:
  • Our fabric cable for lighting is priced per metre and multiple units will be sent to you in one length
  • 3 core (also use as 2 core)
  • Insulation: double PVC
  • Amp current rating: 8amp
  • Csa Mm Sq: 0.75
  • Bend radius: 24mm
  • Weight per metre: 55g
  • Outer diameter: 7mm
  • Max load weight: 8kg
  • CE certified
Weight .05 kg