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FABRIC CABLE for LIGHTING | Houndstooth Red


Red houndstooth fabric cable for lighting has a retro vibe that makes a bold statement against stainless steel. It’s the ideal finishing touch for a neutral factory-feel interior where you need just the merest hint of colour to lift it.

The red and white fabric cable also works really well against bare brick and wood – both bleached out blonde reclaimed pine floorboards and darker stripped woods. Basically use this anywhere where you have exposed building materials as the main feature and you can’t go far wrong. If you like this, also check out our red and white zigzag striped lighting cable.

Our fabric cable for lighting is priced per metre and multiple units will be sent to you in one length.

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Red houndstooth fabric cable for lighting dark grey

Red houndstooth Italian fabric cable 8 Amp, double insulated & CE certified

Our red houndstooth fabric cable for lighting is an eye-catching kind of flex for sure. Make a bold statement with your lighting – create your own pendant light starting with some of this red and white fabric covered flex. Next, you need a bulb holder: we’d go for the beautifully retro black Bakelite but chrome, Fools’ gold, forgotten silver and polished copper are all good choices. Obviously, you need a light bulb… one of our gorgeous vintage filament bulbs will do the trick – whichever you like best, is the one that will best reflect your style. Follow your gut instinct. If you fancy making a bit more of a statement with your pendant light, something a bit bolder and altogether more industrial… Have a look at our cage light shades. You really can’t go wrong.

What you need to know about our fabric cable for lighting red houndstooth:
  • Our fabric cable for lighting is priced per metre and multiple units will be sent to you in one length
  • 3 core (also use as 2 core)
  • Insulation: double PVC
  • Amp current rating: 8amp
  • Csa Mm Sq: 0.75
  • Bend radius: 24mm
  • Weight per metre: 55g
  • Outer diameter: 7mm
  • Max load weight: 8kg
  • CE certified
Weight .05 kg