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Vibrant red fabric cable for lighting is one of our most popular coloured lighting cables. What’s not to love – red is just one of those universal colours that can transform a whole room by introducing just a hint of it. Think how adding red nail polish, or lipstick, to an all neutral outfit does something amazing to it – from plain to uber stylish in the blink of an eye.

The same is true for your room, red fabric cable is just as good used to hang enamel shades or vintage light bulbs from the ceiling as it is for a table light. Combining red fabric cable with a lipstick red light cage and vintage bulb provides a chic colour accent to your room.

Our fabric cable for lighting is priced per metre and multiple units will be sent to you in one length.

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Red fabric cable for lighting

Vibrant red Italian fabric cable 8 Amp, double insulated & CE certified

Our vibrant red fabric cable for lighting is a true classic. There’s no more stylish way to add a pop of colour to a space than with a touch of red. However, if accessories really aren’t your thing, then fabric cable is a brilliant way to add colour without the clutter. There’s really not much red doesn’t go with either. Think of all the outfits you can wear with red nail polish. It makes neutrals more vibrant and interesting and elevates black to super status. It may be a little predictable for some (check out our zingy orange cable if that’s you) but it’s a failsafe and will stand the test of time.

We love red with black and white as a high contrast, and bold, statement. Black enamel shades hanging from red fabric cables look awesome. Likewise white factory style lights. If you’re making your own table lamp then magpie silver is a great option for a contemporary look whilst forgotten silver is more suited to a vintage aesthetic. Copper and raw steel also look amazing. Let your imagination run wild, the options are limitless.

What you need to know about our fabric cable for lighting red:
  • Our fabric cable for lighting is priced per metre and multiple units will be sent to you in one length
  • 3 core (also use as 2 core)
  • Insulation: double PVC
  • Amp current rating: 8amp
  • Csa Mm Sq: 0.75
  • Bend radius: 24mm
  • Weight per metre: 55g
  • Outer diameter: 7mm
  • Max load weight: 8kg
  • CE certified
Weight .05 kg