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Add Warmth to Your Home with Boho Lighting

Curling up on the sofa, you rest your head back and spot the mismatched ceiling light. Ugh. The 90s relic is very different from the boho lighting you have in mind. 

Your style is effortlessly eclectic, a warm, earthy colour palette punctuated with the jewel tones and patterns of tribal works of art collected during your extensive travels – your manta being if you love it, you’ll find a place for it.

Textural throws and cushions in organic materials and natural colours enhance your comfortable furniture, while oversized plants tower in the bay window. You love it all, but it’s time to choose a new lighting feature.

Delve into a carefully curated selection of lighting and transform your home into a boho-inspired haven. 

Boho interior design is a diverse, free-spirited aesthetic that mixes influences from different cultures, heavily featuring organic and natural components.

It’s all about your personality and life story, from the treasures you collect on your travels to the art you choose to display, the plants and the lighting.

Add warmth to your home with boho lighting

Boho-style lighting should echo the relaxed, laid-back feel; warm white bulbs in all your lights is an easy way to achieve this. And whilst there are many lighting variations within the boho design style, keep it simple by sticking to natural elements, including metallic accents – Moroccan-inspired metal lanterns work for some interiors, whilst softer wooden or rattan shades will work better in others. 

Every room needs a focal statement ceiling light. There is no fixed style with boho interiors, so a clear glass bubble chandelier might sound grand, but its slightly artisan feel and fabric cable will work well with high ceilings – letting daylight filter through it to flood your room. Used with a dimmer switch, it casts the most beautiful evening ambience. 

A touch of gold can modernise the boho interior design style by adding a luxe element; when paired with frosted glass shades, gold metal finishes bring depth to a neutral palette, elevating it and providing interest for your eyes. 

Boho bedroom lighting: Effortlessly styled for a cosy feel

Boho lighting ideas for the bedroom include mixing elements – you don’t want anything too matchy-matchy. The style’s essence is that you’ve collected your pieces over many years to assemble the look; you haven’t visited one store and kitted out your entire room.

The beauty of this is that you can exercise your artistic spirit and get creative to curate a space that excites you – layering up also gives you multiple lighting options, whether you’re curling up in bed with a book or getting dressed first thing.

Combine a main light feature with bedroom wall lights, warm white fairy lights and a selection of candles – wisdom says to have eight light sources in every room to cover every eventuality!

Peg wall lamps are great for rustic and modern heritage interiors; with decorative woven fabric cable and the convenience of plugging into the wall, they’re a great alternative to permanent wall lighting.

If you are lucky enough to have wiring for wall lights, then subtle gold accents with oversized frosted bulbs that melt into white walls are ideal for the modern boho aesthetic.

Style tip: Increase the light in your space by adding mirrors. Circular wall mirrors with macramé detailing or reclaimed wood frames are typical of boho design. They bounce natural daylight from windows and reflect ambient light from artificial light sources after dusk – especially useful in smaller or north-facing bedrooms.

Boho living room lighting: Soft illumination for slow mornings and quiet nights in

By its nature, Boho design is a relaxed, lived-in look ideal for creating laid-back spaces that work equally well as open-plan multifunctional areas or a separate living room. Mix plenty of potted plants, patterns, low-level comfortable seating, and treasures from your travels. Finish with feature living room lighting in tactile materials, organic shapes and natural colours.

Choosing decorative table lamps with a textured base, frosted glass, or organic pebble shape supports the layered, eclectic style.

Casually arranged on a side table, these lamps provide pockets of warm light – the perfect backdrop for evenings with friends or peaceful nights reading a book.

Style tip: Add lighting sources at different heights and intensities so you have plenty of options to match your desired ambience. Floor lamps come in many designs, shapes, and sizes; they’re a versatile option as you can quickly move them to cluster with a table lamp or wall lights, perfect for illuminating dark corners. 

Expert tips on balancing colour in boho interiors

  • Start with a neutral colour palette – painting your walls in white, ivory or pale stone shades provides a versatile base that lets your collectables take centre stage.
  • Bring in warmth with deeper shades – earthy and natural colours like terracotta, ochre, sienna and olive are great choices.
  • Add highlights with brighter jewel tones – accenting with emerald green, sapphire blue, ruby red and citrine yellow adds energy to your space. 
  • Incorporate pattern – the boho style is known for including ethnic and tribal patterns, so layering textiles like rugs, throws and cushions creates visual interest without overwhelming your senses.
  • Bring your colour scheme together with boho light fixtures – a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting caters to different brightness levels and contributes to a softer overall effect. Choose fittings in natural materials and organic shapes. 

Explore a variety of richly pigmented paint colours to find the perfect shade for your home.

Show us your boho-inspired interiors

We’d love to see how you’ve used our lighting to create a relaxing space incorporating unique design elements. Tag @dowsingandreynolds on Instagram – we can’t wait to see your ideas!

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