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Hallway Lighting Ideas for an Inviting Ambience

Image courtesy of @ourlondonhouse_renovation

Musing over a few hallway lighting ideas, you lean against the wall and assess the situation. The hallway is relatively narrow, spanning the length of the house with minimal natural light. 

Having recently embarked on a weekend project to redecorate this space, the walls are now a fresh shade of white, with a large, circular mirror hanging beside your favourite artwork. A cotton rug adds a softer touch to the light wood flooring – your feet sinking into the woven fibres as you head towards the door. 

Letting out a satisfied sigh, you place a pair of discarded shoes on the rack before turning your attention to the lighting. Currently, the hallway only has one fixture, which serves a purpose but disrupts the overall aesthetic. Instead, you envision a selection of statement and directional lighting to brighten the area.

From simple designs that welcome guests in style to decorative features that add impact as you step through the door, there’s a variety of lighting options for the hallway. 

Not sure where to begin? Let our expert advice and quality lighting transform your hallway – however large or small.  

6 hallway lighting ideas for an inviting ambience

When it comes to hallway lighting, it’s all about creating a warm and welcoming space that sets the tone for the rest of your interior. Whether through eye-catching fixtures, unique furniture pieces, or accessories, this area is a reflection of your design style, offering comfort after a long day. 

Of course, the hallway also serves a functional purpose. Coats and scarves are hung from metal wall hooks, ready for the work commute and Sunday morning walks. A ceramic bowl for keys and spare coins is within grabbing distance of the front door. 

The trick is to strike a balance between style and practicality – a design principle that extends to the hallway’s lighting. 

Image courtesy of @home.shil.home

A few considerations:

  • Neutral tones, such as white, cream, or soft grey, work best for hallways, creating a fresh and airy feel
  • Bring in elements of colour or pattern through the use of decorative lampshades
  • Mirrors can be used to reflect light and give the illusion of more space
  • Use additional light fittings to adjust the height of hanging fixtures, especially if you have low ceilings or a staircase in your hallway

The first step is to evaluate your lighting needs:

  • Ambient lighting can be used to create an open, transitional space with general illumination
  • Incorporate accent lighting to eliminate any dark corners and highlight areas of interest, such as shelving units or table arrangements
  • Statement lighting can include anything from multi-arm ceiling features to smaller artistic pieces, so you don’t need a large hallway to add a personal touch

1. Uplift narrow hallways with wall lights

One small hallway lighting idea is to optimise vertical space by installing sleek wall lights. Gold metal finishes are a classic choice when paired with elegant glass shades. Alternatively, wall lights with a black accent work well in monochrome or contemporary interiors. 

2. Minimalist-inspired designs for modern hallways

Pendant features are a popular modern hallway lighting idea, with their linear design and focused illumination.

There are multiple ways that you can incorporate pendant lighting into your hallway. Installing a row of single pendants will create an elongated effect, guiding you into the living area with comforting pools of light. If you have a broader entrance area, a clustered pendant can be used as a captivating centrepiece.

Image courtesy of

3. Elevate ceilings with a bubble chandelier

Bringing a modern twist to a classic design, bubble chandeliers are a versatile hallway ceiling light idea for a range of hallway sizes and styles.

The chandelier’s silhouette is reminiscent of weightless bubbles, creating a cascading effect that draws your eye upward and makes the hallway feel more expansive. It’s a playful touch to brighten those first impressions.

4. Maximise brightness with a glass shade

Gloomy hallways can feel unwelcoming, with a dull aesthetic that conceals design elements instead of celebrating them. One dark hallway lighting idea is to use a fixture with a glass shade, maximising the amount of natural and artificial light available. 

Frosted glass provides a gentle, cosy glow by diffusing the light, whereas clear glass offers a more direct illumination.

5. Style storage units with table lamps

From shoe racks and coat stands to sideboards for dog walking essentials and gloves, the hallway demands plenty of storage options. 

Accent lighting, such as decorative table lamps, can be used to elevate your practical furniture pieces into curated spaces. Taller lamps will add height and accentuate smaller storage units. Or, double up your lamp for a symmetrical display on console tables. 

6. Highlight period features

Opening the door to a period home, you are greeted by an expansive hallway. The high ceilings and classically inspired staircase catch your attention, but as your eyes travel around the space, you start to notice the detailing on the ornate mouldings and balustrade. 

Modern lighting features bring a fresh look to a more traditional aesthetic, highlighting architectural elements. Opt for a ceiling light design that fills the space, such as a multi-arm feature or a sweeping pendant light with multiple bulbs.

Show us your hallway transformations

We’d love to see how you’ve used our lighting to elevate your hallway. Tag @dowsingandreynolds on Instagram – we can’t wait to see your ideas!

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