Preserved Moss

Weaving your way through gnarly tree trunks, you start to relax. With every footstep, you wander further into the woods. The deeper you get, the calmer you feel. Glancing up, you gaze at the dense canopy overhead, the sun’s rays only just penetrating to create the dappled shade falling on lush green ferns and velvety moss below.

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Leaving the woods behind, you find yourself in open fields. Arriving at a stile in the wall, you put one foot on the step and use your hands for balance, pausing to trace the moss-covered stones. Soft and brimming with life, you delight in its spongy texture, marvelling at how it appears as if by magic across forest floors, up trees and on rock surfaces reminding you of childhood fairytales with elven hideaways. As you descend to the other side, you pause to sit and embrace this natural wonderland. 

Arriving home, you kick off your chunky boots before heading for the lounge and sinking into your slouchy sofa with a comforting cup of cocoa in hand. Eyes wandering to the moss wall you lovingly created over the last bank holiday weekend, you smile as you sip your hot drink, letting your head rest back. 

Initially searching for dried foliage to brighten up your bedside table, you stumbled across a beautifully preserved reindeer moss panel and fell in love with its tactile charm. Choosing just one framed square to trial on the wall, you found it surprisingly easy to hang, only needing a few strips of double-sided tape to secure it in the frame and then a couple of screws to secure it to the wall.

Now addicted, you have a large green area in the living room where you’ve fixed numerous moss panels together—all the benefits of a living wall with no maintenance. These moss panels lie dormant, requiring no feeding or watering – just the occasional clean with a dry feather duster. They’re flexible, too, so you easily navigated cutting one to fit around a rogue light switch – which now looks rather enchanting surrounded by its mossy pillow. 

Finishing off your creamy cup of cocoa, you admire the luscious greenery. Standing to return your mug to the kitchen, you run your fingertips across the mounds and dips of the moss, like a giant surveying woodland. Not only does it look intriguing, but it’s also brilliant at absorbing sound and heat, bringing a sense of peace to your room.