Kitchen Door Handles

Our kitchen door handles & drawer knobs are perfect for giving your kitchen unit doors or drawers a makeover. Our handles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and materials; from tactile leather, to knurled metal – pull handles, t-bars and scoop handles. Decisions…

If you're looking for kitchen door handles then you're in the right place. Of course, they can also be fitted to cupboards and chests of drawers. Anything really where you need a super-stylish handle. We've got a myriad of beautiful metal handles that all come in four gorgeous finishes; raw brass, black, vintage black and tin-silver. There are pull kitchen door handles with stunning knurled detailing as well as interestingly shaped handles such as the Hive hexagon. Gamma is as sleek as they come and Taipei is a different kettle of fish altogether. In summary, if you want new metal kitchen door handles to give your units a facelift, then we can most definitely help! Our Skyscraper handles come in a variety of sizes that are perfect for kitchen cupboard doors, right up to statement size that are made for custom-built wardrobe doors. And if you want to make a real feature, then there's the chunky or back plate versions (handy if you've already got some screw holes you need to cover). If you prefer kitchen door handles a little more 'au naturel' then check out the leather furniture pulls. They 'bed-in' over time just like a well-loved leather jacket. These two come in three different colours so you can perfectly match them to your interior style. And of course, we have the beautiful vintage scoop handles that just never seem to go out of fashion. Whatever your style, you can make a piece of furniture your own, just by investing in some new handles. Simples!

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