Visualise your lights as you create them…

See exactly how your finished light will look using this Customise A Light section. Choose what kind of light you want to build from the options below, either single pendant or a multi-outlet ceiling light. As you choose each component, a preview of your light will start to build up. Once you’re happy with your customised design, you can select for us to assemble it for you, so it arrives ready to hang. Or, we can send you the component parts to put together yourself.

You've been asking for the option to have us build the lights you've designed with our lighting components for a while now, and that's exactly what our Customise A Light section does.

Our extensive customise collection is perfect for creating your own personalised lighting with the option to have your light assembled and ready to hang or, have the components sent individually for you (or your electrician) to assemble.

We've put together a range of ceiling roses, fabric cables, bulb holders, light bulbs and cages for you to choose from. Simply peruse the plethora of available colours and finishes to design a lighting feature that fits seamlessly into your rooms.