Sockets and switches

On the face of it, electric sockets and switches don’t sound all that exciting BUT… When you research the colours and finishes available now and consider the difference they could make to your room, you really do start to think again.

Tonal interiors are popular – whether dark, earthy, colourful, pale or patterned – but there is nothing more frustrating than spending days carefully painting your space, just to be irritated by a white plastic plug socket or light switch ‘waving’ at you from across the room. You just can’t unsee it. And while you can certainly move the furniture around to hide plug socket nightmares – light switches are not so easy to disguise. Any room, in any style, will benefit from the thoughtful selection of feature switches and sockets.

Which leads nicely into talking about our range of sockets and switches available in exclusive colours and metal finishes! These look great anywhere: gold, black, white, silver and two special effects; smoked gold and tarnished copper. What’s more, we’ve covered most eventualities in terms of electric switch/socket cover combos you’re likely to need: the kitchen included. 

Light switch-wise, we’ve got dimmers, toggles and rockers in everything from single to quadruple configurations. Some of these can be a little bit confusing, so if you have questions, check out our FAQs page where we talk about leading-edge versus standard and other such things that have the potential to confuse!

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